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Mitchelkitman 20th October 2018 18:13

My Rickman Ranger (not modified within the last 30 years) has historic status but still requires an MOT (says it on the VED renewal). I prefer it to have an MOT anyway (another pair of eyes looking over is good). I find it hard to believe the authorities have allowed old cars to be on the road without some test (however basic)

Jaguartvr 20th October 2018 18:45

I was surprised, I thought you had to get an MOT and then you could change it's status to MOT exempt. This way you could drag an old wreck out of a field and register it as MOT exempt.
I think it means we will see a lot more Sammio's on the road:peep:

NeilF355 21st October 2018 09:57


Originally Posted by Mitchelkitman (Post 97205)
My Rickman Ranger (not modified within the last 30 years) has historic status but still requires an MOT (says it on the VED renewal).

The MOT exemption is not done automatically, you have to apply for it when taxing the vehicle using form V112.

This means that if, as you have said, an owner wants to continue to have his exempt vehicle MOT tested he can do so by simply not submitting a form V112.

It seems to me though that the best approach would be to apply for MOT exemption, but continue to take the car for a regular MOT test. That way if you happen to forget and your car is say 53 weeks since it's last test then you are not liable for prosecution for driving it on the road (always provided, of course, that it is in a roadworthy condition!)

Mitchelkitman 21st October 2018 10:14

Ah - I wasn't aware of that. It still seems strange to exclude any vehicles IMHO. I think I may just leave it as is, so I've got an incentive to get it tested...... otherwise it would be only too easy to let things slip :icon_wink:

Jaguartvr 21st October 2018 11:26

I do think they should have a current MOT before they can be classed as exempt. My old Jag only does a few hundred miles a year and lives in a heated garage so I am very pleased that I don't have to go to the hassle and expense every year.

Jaguartvr 16th June 2019 10:59

Daytona suffered another setback, the starter motor had stuck. No amount of tapping it with a succession of larger and larger hammers would free it so off it went to the local Jag independent which is only a couple of miles away. He managed to tap it back into life. He did, however, find the front crank oil seal was leaking badly so I got him to do this as well as it is a pig of a job. He also mentioned how poor the brakes were and felt it was the fact that there wasn't enough vacuum.
Fitted a Volvo vacuum pump which is wired up to the brake light switch, press the brake pedal and the pump creates a vacuum and so you should have decent brakes. Doesn't work as well as it should but if the pump is wired up to run continuously, then the brakes work well. At least I know now the cause of the problem. The Jags have a largish vacuum tank in the brake system, the idea being if the car stalls you have enough stored vacuum for a couple of presses of the brake pedal.
I am intending to plumb the vacuum pump into the vacuum tank with it wired into the brake light switch. Just keep my foot on the brake pedal before moving off to create the vacuum in the tank and hopefully when you press the brake pedal a combination of stored vacuum and the pump running should do the trick.
If I don't post again you can presume it didn't work!

Paul L 23rd June 2019 09:48


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 100918)
...If I don't post again you can presume it didn't work!

I'm just stepping outside to test my brakes, I may be some time.


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