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lancelot link 24th July 2017 18:29

wiring ....... bled brakes .......wiring ........bled clutch .........wiring ....... stoneguarded rear arches ........wiring .........fitting final sundry items ......wiring .......oh ....and wiring ....

Hoping to get last wiring and fitting up jobs done tomorrow , have a play with the door frames , final gapping , Glan is laying up fresh doors tomorrow as the ones we have been using to make doors , latches , hinges etc work are a bit knocked about ...... Plan at the moment is release doors from mould Wednesday morning , trim them and take the car to Jeff Wednesday afternoon ...

Jaguartvr 24th July 2017 19:04

Wiring caught me out, thought I would have it finished in a day, how wrong I was.
I had bought the waterproof style connectors but they were an absolute bitch so junked them and bought simple white connectors, much easier but still time consuming.

lancelot link 25th July 2017 18:26

It is incredibly time consuming ...this isn't a simple re-connect like a Tribute either , it was a full re-wire using a partial new loom and a Vitesse one , with most items in different locations and the wider bodyshell and dash layout differences meaning many wires were needing to be added to or lengthened ...add the ignition key and starter button change , all switch gear removed from column , a battery cut out , a cigarette lighter/power point addition etc. etc. and it got involved .......we are there though ...pretty much , all connected and gauges stripped back out for paint ......

I did some final ally bits , clipping wires and cables etc. , addition to tunnel , bonded the floor to body sides , an extra brace between rear bulkhead and body .... drilled some holes for side vents ( getting Jeff to finish those ).....everything except fitting doorskins ...( The plan is to final fit the doorskins at Jeffs after the door framework has been tidied up and re-painted )

so I think that after trimming the doorskins and trial fitting them tomorrow morning , a bit of flowcoat touching in , final check around to make sure nothings missed .....we are good to go to the paint shop ... exciting times !!

lancelot link 26th July 2017 18:07

Car was rolled out today , loaded up and taken over to Jeff H's to get the paintwork underway ...

Jeff is going to help me straighten out a few minor bits and I am going over to fit the doorskins etc just prior to him starting on her ...

Loading up the car has highlighted a couple of jobs that need looking at , primarily raising the exhaust a bit just in front of the rear diff area ...When it comes back from Jeff , I want to put her on a lift and put some sort of underbody protection on her , I'll take the opportunity to deal with the exhaust then ...

Some pictures ....

Paul L 26th July 2017 18:51

Looking forward to seeing the reflections in Jeff's paintwork. :cool:

lancelot link 26th July 2017 20:19


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 89724)
Looking forward to seeing the reflections in Jeff's paintwork. :cool:

Its the roundalls , numbers , screen , grille etc. I can't wait to see in place ...

smash 27th July 2017 16:01

Very pretty car - can you PM me a build cost (turnkey)?

Car photographer 27th July 2017 18:10

looking good

lancelot link 27th July 2017 18:36


Originally Posted by smash (Post 89758)
Very pretty car - can you PM me a build cost (turnkey)?

Thank you both of you ..its shaping up very nicely , took a little longer than I would like but it's the first one , so it became an exercise in development and head scratching as well as construction.

I have sold another one recently and an order for a frame with body to follow is nearly satisfied - (waiting for some powder coating to come back ), so its starting to move ...I think this one finished , fully dressed and photographed will get things moving properly ...

lancelot link 2nd August 2017 14:50

NOT MUCH TO UPDATE AT MOMENT ....I have had a bit of a play with the doors , messing about with the shuts etc. and removed the exhaust to modify the Y piece to change its direction slightly ...other than that , it's being looked after by The Jeffmeister , who I daresay , will update as and when its relevant ...I'm going over to Hilltop tomorrow to do a bit more door magic , so if its looking photogenic , might add a few myself .....

lancelot link 2nd August 2017 17:13

Anyone looking for inspiration could do worse than watch this 1956 Film based around the Mille Miglia of the same year ...some excellent footage from about a third of the way in to the end ....

molleur 2nd August 2017 17:57

Good video, thanks!

lancelot link 3rd August 2017 18:56


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 89874)
Anyone looking for inspiration could do worse than watch this 1956 Film based around the Mille Miglia of the same year ...some excellent footage from about a third of the way in to the end ....

Read a little about this today ..using genuine footage from the Mille Miglia and some well known parts seen in many photos , the long straight through the trees etc.... The Warren Imgram cars are clearly Aston's and Lagonda's , but lots of stuff in the background , notably , for me the Ferrari's ..Fangio and , I think Portago in his 335s ? I think this might be the year Portago died ...

Another interesting fact is the Aston that goes over the edge and ultimately into the lake , was a fibreglass stand in ....this being 1956 , would that make it one of , if not the , first Aston Replica ?

Wonder where those moulds are ...... :-)

JG 9th August 2017 23:45

Similar concept very nicely done. Looks like a chopped speedster screen which gives it a modernised custom feel.

lancelot link 10th August 2017 18:59

Whilst Graham's car is at the paint shop ...I dug out the box of stripped Vitesse bits another customer left at my workshop a few weeks back , and put them together well enough to create a basic rolling chassis ...I put his frame and body on top and it's ready to be delivered to Cornwall ...

Stuart is going with a 300 SLR theme and we laid his up in grey as a result , as he wants to go Silver ... An extra hump was made too ..Stuarts going to double hump it himself and re-work the boot aperture to fit around the new rear end styling ....The car looks huge in the lighter colour , so I think the whole 300 look is going to workout quite well ...

Pictures show second hump just sat in place for an overall preview of Stuarts intention ...

lancelot link 19th August 2017 19:08

I have spent just over a day improving the hinges on the car ....Poor old Jeff has been trying to get the gaps really nice on a door that kept changing its height due to over engineered door frames and under engineered hinges !!

I tried to upload a picture but it is huge I will try again tomorrow ...

The hinges are now angle iron style instead of flat plate , they have been welded to the frame in extra places where they touch , have been braced and tied together with a studded 8mm bar inside a crush tube and the oil lite bearings and 8mm pins have been replaced with roller bearings in machined housings with 6mm centres and some hole reducer inserts added to the frame so I can use 6mm bolts and nylocs as the hinge pins is so much better , supports itself and opens smoothly and repeatedly without trying to re-adjust itself !

lancelot link 19th August 2017 20:09

Barber 20th August 2017 12:33

Nice one

oxford1360 21st August 2017 09:51

Gary - looking really good.

How much for 2 humps.......and don't be vulgar. They look like they would save me a lot of time.

lancelot link 21st August 2017 19:32


Originally Posted by oxford1360 (Post 90174)
Gary - looking really good.

How much for 2 humps.......and don't be vulgar. They look like they would save me a lot of time.

Excuse my ignorance ...Price for 2 humps separately ? or a Formosa body with 2 humps ?

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