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Topcat2Vin 24th December 2019 00:25

Tribute Kobra Project - Ireland

An odd post but I want to see if anyone knows of any Tribute Kobra unfinished cars in Ireland the might be looking a new home. Message me is you know anything.


Also - Is the MX250C still being produced - I can't see it on the website.

Jaguartvr 24th December 2019 10:09

Couerdelion was building a 250swb in Ireland which has stalled due to other commitments, could be worth dropping him a PM. His build thread is in the stickies.

Topcat2Vin 26th December 2019 10:12

Jaguartvr, I took a look at the build page, looks nice but messing with the dash a d electrics looks a bit scary. I'll think about it and maybe PM him. Thanks

Any kobra projects about?

Jaguartvr 26th December 2019 10:30

Have a word with Chris at Tribute, he is ever so helpfull arranging shipping.

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