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mcramsay 5th May 2014 10:17

The m3 lives again
Another big mile stone yesterday!

Cammy 13th May 2014 20:06

Sounds great Craig!
The radiator also looks good and I see you have also had to get the corners cut off.
Any progress with your exhaust?

mcramsay 13th May 2014 20:47

The rad is not a supplied marlin part, I went for a race radiator for a honda civic, it's the only alloy rad I could find that would fit without going custom made. Which costs a small fortune! The exhaust will be the last thing I get done I think, found a shop near me that can make one to my spec, so I'm hoping to trailer the car to then at the end of the build to have one fitted! Plus it sounds to good to put one on there at the moment! Once I get my cooling pipes through the post I will be able to plumb up the cooling system and run it up to temp. Now everything is in the engine bay that needs to be I am starting to get all the body work fitted and aligned, then I will take it all off again to finish the build. After the body work i need some lights and the interior done and I'm pretty much there! A few little mechanicals here and there but i would like to say (touch wood) that I am past the difficult parts of the build!

Bobnic 14th October 2014 23:25

I remember those days.... Firing up Munich's finest straight six M3 lump in the chassi for the first time. Sounds great! Ours has been on the road for a year now. We got a custom rad made, which wasn't tooooo expensive, as I was worried the rad you have may not fit, and didn't want to be left with an unsellable chopped about rad. Been through enough parts that I thought would fit and didn't quite! We used Marlin's exhaust, but in think they've stopped supplying them now. But we did have to get the manifolds cut down, as they were so low a dead worm on a flat road could have hit them! Looks like you're making great progress. One piece of advice (if you don't mind me giving it), I would give is that you may well need to louvre the bonnet. We got vapour lock on the 1.5 hour drive back from the VOSA centre using the standard 'solid' bonnet. There's just no space in the engine bay left to dissipate any heat, and not much draw when stuck in traffic, or not giving it the beans. We did it after the test to avoid sharp edges fail. You might be ok, and when we spoke to Marlin about it, Mark had had no problems with his M3 Evo Sportster apparently when that was built. :noidea: The speed and responsiveness of the M3 is quite breathtaking, and the noise, the noise..... Sounds like nothing else, anyone who hears mine, says it's the best exhaust not they've ever heard!
Gonna get ours painted this winter, it's still in hearing aid beige at the mo, but some people say they like it in that colour!
Look forward to updates, takes me back to those days of knuckle skinning and head scratching.

Great job, keep it up.
Feel free to pop over and have a look at my M3 E36 Sportster if you want.

Rob, Lechlade, Gloucestershire.

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