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HUGH JITTUS 7th March 2016 16:39

Buckle up !
Hi, I have been a lurker in the background for a little while doing my homework and decided after taking all things into account that it was a Sammio I wanted to build.
I was lucky enough to buy a second hand shell that a friend of a friend knew of . I still need some framework from somewhere though . Is anyone that's currently offering bodies able to supply framework ?
I will post pictures of the project as it proceeds.
Next step - track down a cheap Herald or Vitesse in the South West ideally .

oxford1360 7th March 2016 16:48

Hi Jittus, Welcome to the forum.......just take a massive breath and make the terrible mistake of building a frame's quite between the bouts of therapy.

HUGH JITTUS 7th March 2016 17:00

WOW , THAT LOOKS PRETTY GOOD TO ME . I love the green btw. That is fabulous.
I was thinking about using something like 25mm or 30mm round tube along the sides and leaving it exposed .

HUGH JITTUS 7th March 2016 17:02

Are those Spitfire wheels ? If so , 13'' ? How do they look in the large arches? Which need adjusting anyway !

oxford1360 7th March 2016 17:10

They are very cheep (28 for a set of 4 with good Michelin tyres from eBay) BMW Mini 15" which I plan to make as fake Dunlops.....the expensive bit was the adaptors from the US (~200 once I'd paid the tax which was 50).

Expensive but beautiful......aircraft grade aluminium......

They fill the arches nicely -

The roll hoops are removable (Audi TT - 10.99 inc postage on eBay for hoops and cross member) and will be covered by Sammio humps.

Mister Towed 7th March 2016 17:57

Hi Hugh, welcome to the fold and congratulations on finding a second hand body.

I've taken a look through my photo records and found some pictures of my Sammio supplied frame. I'm not sure if anyone still has the tech drawings for these or could make you one, I know Phil J fabricated at least one of the frames on the cars he's built as Sammio didn't offer them at first. I do like the idea of an exposed tube frame though.

Anyway, here's the photos and good luck with your build, it'll be nice to have another decent thread to follow!

micky1mo 7th March 2016 18:53

Hi Hugh, welcome to the fold.
I have a rough plan and a few measurements that I can dig-out and email you.
Before you do check out this thread. :eusa_think:

It will save you a lot of work and speed up the build..:smile:

swifty 7th March 2016 19:48

Welcome to the forum matey.

The beauty of these builds is you can make it up as you go along so no definite sizes required and you end up with the look you like.

Good luck and i look forward to following the build, don't forget we like plenty of photos on this forum.

HUGH JITTUS 7th March 2016 21:29

Thank you chaps . Those wheels are great Ox . Adaptors is a bit ouch but when you compare to wires and adaptors , not much in it and a nice alternative.
Tow'd - thank you for pictures . That looks like a side detail change could be very straight forward.
Mickymo - Thank you , clever idea but I want something that feels a bit more 'old school' , framework and tubing is more the look I am looking foe.
Swifty - I will put pics up when theres more than just a bare body to show.

nellieb 11th March 2016 15:29

Hi, I used round tube for the rear and siting area as the old classic method adding extra strength and safety. It is good fun and therapeutic .

Paul L 12th March 2016 06:22

Hugh Jittus - A belated welcome to the forum. :cool:

If you can weld, then there is a lot to be said for building your own frame work.

There are a few examples of people using round tubes in their build.



If your donor car's body shell is in decent condition, then Micky1Mo's approach might save some time.

Although I'd actually be tempted to keep a section of the body shell intact over the rear wheel arches too.

My own Frankenstein creation of various Triumph Spitfire, Sammio Cordite & home made parts looked like this.

Either way, I look forward to seeing your build progress.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Even if you only have a body shell to play with, that is still a good enough excuse for a photo. :icon_wink:

davecymru 19th March 2016 09:29


Best of luck with the build ! :)


DerbyDreamer 16th April 2016 15:12

Worth looking at MGF spare wheels - same PCD (95.25mm or 3 3/4" in old money). Bolted straight on to the Vitesse hubs and hoping to get a very similar effect to Oxford's.

Good luck with it all!

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