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BIG_Fella 29th October 2005 22:46

Wiper Motor
Has anyone had a problem with wiper motors and earthing on chassis.

Our wiper motor is blowing fuse when earthed on chassis, it produces 24volts on fast speed which is normal on the slow speed wire, what we can't work out is why it's producing it through the motor body aswell ??

Any ideas ??

holgate86 31st October 2005 00:09

It must be wired wrong, you must have a feed on the earth side of motor which won't cause a problem until you ground the body, recheck your wires big-fella.

Regards Brian

BIG_Fella 4th November 2005 11:41

We tryed it the other way round and it still earthing out on body :eusa_wall:
Time to get another one me thinks :eusa_doh:

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