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Cayman48 6th June 2016 09:07

My experience with MK

redratbike 9th July 2016 18:01

We have a small claims court for things like that in theuk maybe you can make a claim????

Dpaz 29th August 2016 08:00

Cayman. A tail of disasters, but what does 'Hardly worn' mean ? To me it is not very worn, to you it seems to be nearly worn out. Why not learn to look after your own car? If something is not right fix it. Kit cars are high maintenance vehicles. Good luck with MK.

Cayman48 1st September 2016 06:29


I know kit cars and needs of maintenance, but here we are not talking about this at all, the car was new ans so much bullshit has been done on it !

I'am not going to repeat points but it's just crasy and totally shit from MK

Danny even lied several times !
- About the dyno test
- I asked for some money back, he told me several times he did the wire transfer he even made a fake proof and sent it to me but I neved had the money of course

He also broke my trailer and lost straps !

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