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andysharrock 22nd March 2015 09:40

MG Europa
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following on from hammy I have been wanting to build a Europa ish look alike so I have bought the panels off hammy bought a donor car and set about it yesterday so here is ware I am at so far. 1998 1.8i with good service and it had the head sorted nice drive loads of grunt.

Attachment 2156

Attachment 2157

Attachment 2158

andysharrock 22nd March 2015 09:46

not much left of the europa
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here is whats left of the panels not a lot but enough to give me some direction
the front looks almost right for the car bit more tinkering to do.I have held the back end in place and the lines are looking good.

Attachment 2159

Attachment 2160

Attachment 2161

going to have to work on the bonnet its going to have a big bump to get over the wiper cowl

Danny_HUFC 22nd March 2015 11:10

Looks like the front could work. Good luck with the rear.

Paul L 22nd March 2015 17:41

Andy - This should be an interesting build.

At least Chris and Dan have shown what can be achieved after cutting & shutting bits of fibreglass together. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

andysharrock 22nd March 2015 17:56

Sunday update
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Attachment 2165

its roughly taking the shape once the back end is filled out and blended in it should look the part rather than a combination of bits screwed together. think I am going buy shares in fibreglass by the time its smooth and blended.
planing a flip front so I have just filled in the bonnet ready to glass over

Hammy 24th March 2015 16:02

Really impressed so far mate, just be wary of the rear overhang but I'm sure you know that. Following this with interest

andysharrock 29th March 2015 19:46

Rear end taking shape
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I spent all day yesterday working on the rear end it looked grate from behind but bluddy awful from the side, full days work took half hour to trash and start again. Think this time I have got it gong the right way need to work on the wheel arches and around tops of door glass to make up.Attachment 2177
first attempt ditched this morning:frusty:

second attempt
Attachment 2178

Attachment 2179

Attachment 2180

garyh 29th March 2015 20:01

Alright as a pick up...

Jeffr4 30th March 2015 20:23

So far , so good, aslong it will not remind me on the Datsun

AcC8braman 30th March 2015 21:31

You have some skills there.

just my 2 pence worth, thinking the MG is going to be a bit too high for the Europa style. Have you thought of using a Fiat X19?

Hammy 31st March 2015 19:24

Hard work
I know I 'failed' but the rear and the height is why I went with the MX as a donor mate and even that was hard enough the MR2 roadster would've been my next stop. The MG will be a challenge but keep on going mate cos if you make it work I'll be 1st in the queue for a kit!

andysharrock 31st March 2015 22:03

cheers hammy the cars at the ugly duckling stage but give me a few weeks to get some glass on it, up close it looks ok if you can see passed what I am trying to achieve big wheels with low profile tyres and lower the arse a bit . all babies are born dam ugly but some do turn into page 3 girls. I am trying,
I tip my hat to the tribute guys its not as easy as it looks.

andysharrock 31st March 2015 22:15


Originally Posted by AcC8braman (Post 65126)
You have some skills there.

just my 2 pence worth, thinking the MG is going to be a bit too high for the Europa style. Have you thought of using a Fiat X19?

I went for the mgf as its cheap and plentiful, a half decent x19 would be a arm and a leg now days and are getting like hens teeth. getting a donor car that ticks all the boxes will never happen at least this way if it works great 250 quid for a donor car if not I can recoup my costs in breaking the car. to get it that low would be something like a triumph spitfire again hens teeth. its will never be copy but a looky likey well from the front anyway with a modern twist to the rear

Paul L 1st April 2015 18:54


Originally Posted by andysharrock (Post 65183)
...I tip my hat to the tribute guys its not as easy as it looks...

Funny you should say that, as I found "cut & shut" work a lot harder in practice than Chris & Dan make it look. :rolleyes:

Keep at it, as the whole point is not to create a perfect replica and you will certainly end up with a unique car in the end. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

I still can't believe you got a working car for 250! :eek:

andysharrock 5th April 2015 18:44

quick update
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started to get some glass on one side, made up the missing wing top and laid to coats of 450g csm to give me something to sand back and smooth out. I watched a YouTube of a guy from ozz building a mg flip front he used a dry wall filler to smooth out the wings before tacking a mould its not structural what I am doing as just mocking up to take a mould off I thought that I would try the same with a diy filler any one got a recommendation, easy sand car filler at 15qud a pot is a bit rich to cover the hole car. just looking at the side on pic think some side skirts would look good.:plane:Attachment 2201

Attachment 2202

Attachment 2203

Attachment 2204

Attachment 2205

Tribute Automotive 5th April 2015 21:26

Great progress Andy. We have experimented with various materials for bulking out bucks. We used Builders Finish plaster mixed with grp resin to shape the panels on the Z300S buck (see WCA's build tread 3), it's only 4 per 25kg bag, you do need to shape it's whilst it's just going off otherwise it's a little hard to sand. The Drywall filler sounds like a good idea as it does sand easily.

andysharrock 5th April 2015 22:40

hi from what I have seen on the youtube clip it sands down very easy with wet and dry. skip the first bit he starts with a bumper then dose the flip front I am going to have a look at different options so I will come back to you if I find a good one. I am all for taking the hard work out of the prep work and cost if we can

Mistrale 6th April 2015 07:55

For my ten penneths worth, I think bigger wheels and arches will go some way to reducing the slab sided look. I think once the paint is on, it will also look much more coherent. Having played with tiny amounts of fibreglass, my hat is doffed to you sir for a great effort so far :)

andysharrock 6th April 2015 22:11

thanks. I agree with the wheels and I am keeping a eye out for some wide 17s problem I have is mg are a odd ball fitments. going to work on some side skirts and also cut and drop the front valence a little. and yes paint makes the car when its ten different colours you have to be able to have the vision of what could be, or just stand and shake your head like the wife.

Hammy 7th April 2015 16:20

Good work Andy

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