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rickhlondon 18th November 2018 20:16

1950s Falcon body
I have just foolishly acquired a genuine Falcon bodied kit car from the 1950s.
It requires a huge amount of work and one issue I have is that the rear wheel arches have been "fettled" by a previous owner with a view to fitting wider wheels and the lower part of the rear valance has been reshaped as well.
I want to restore the rear to its original styling.

Autotune have been extremely helpful but the rear end of the Gemini (which is based on the Falcon) is slightly different.

Does anyone know of an existing original Falcon whose owner I could contact to obtain take a profile of the rear arches and valance to return the car to original spec?


NeilF355 19th November 2018 08:55

Have you tried contacting the Fairthorpe Sports car club.

They have a register of Falcon and Ashley cars so they may know owners who would be willing to help.

Biggles 19th November 2018 09:27

There is also a quite active Facebook group 50s/60s special builders:

rickhlondon 20th November 2018 16:01

Thank you.
Just joined Fairthorpe Club and have asked for assistance.

Any other referrals appreciated.

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