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Ex-Biker 27th June 2008 17:50

Mirror question
Do mirrors have to be 'E' marked for SVA?

I am looking to buy a set of motorcycle mirrors. They are the same as OEM, but are aftermarket ones and aren't 'E' marked.

I don't fancy buying a set for SVA then one to use after.

JG 27th June 2008 20:55

This page should help


limpabit 27th June 2008 23:14

Hi mate.

Not sure. I'll have a look at my mirrors which I got from Marlin tomorrow if that's OK re "E" mark? Only cheap as well.

Also plan on getting new mirrors tomorrow if they fit. So if you want, depending on tomorrow, you could look at getting mine. If that's any help.

By the way. So many people getting ready. I think we all need to meet up.

paulsul 30th June 2008 20:52

As long as the mirrors fold back on impact from the front, they are OK.
Mine are motor bike mirrors and passed

limpabit 1st July 2008 05:53

I was talking to the SVA guy when mine was getting done. Where the mirrors are located, even if the mirror did not fold back, he would have passed it. In his opinion, if a person hit the mirror, the fibreglass body would give and break away with the mirror. Only his opinion though.

Ex-Biker 1st July 2008 12:06

Thanks for the response guys.

Seems to be differing opinions.

Might give Exeter centre a call.

alackofspeed 1st July 2008 12:52

They didn't check mine for anything other than visible angles.

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