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Jaguartvr 12th July 2016 19:03

I'm on holiday so won't be able to do any work for a few weeks but I had intended to make the fuel filler pipe out of 2" plastic plumbing pipe from B&Q to make the template, much easier to chop and change than metal. Lots of pre formed metal bends available on EBay for very little money and will probably join them with rubber pipe to connect them together.

Danny_HUFC 13th July 2016 05:22

Great work there. It does look a lot better in that position although its a lot of work, i think its worth it.

lancelot link 14th July 2016 18:03

BIT MORE DONE TODAY .....I have still got to put the fuel delivery pipe together , I decided to have my 'twisted U - section' tig welded as I don't want any issues with it and I ran out of time to collect from my mate this afternoon ..I'm going to pick it up first thing in the morning , so first job will be fit up the pipes and hoses , before disconnecting it all again as the roof still needs to come on and off a few times ..

Today I managed to make a start on boot guttering , very simple with B & Q ally sections bent to shape around the aperture and sikkoflexed in place with fixing bolts as well time the bodies off , I will fibreglass the rear as well , in a similar fashion to the front. I need to fit a small drain pipe next to the fuel cap in the gutter to deal with a potential build up area there ..but its nearly done ..

I also made a start on the door / cill mods.
I am virtually copying Jeff H's technique for this and Jeff very kindly had the cill sections bent up for me using the same dimensions as before ...basically 30mm rise by 120mm deep.
I cut 40mm of the door bottom giving us a 10mm gap for wriggle room / bogging up etc..this will be reduced down to about 5mm when the car is prepped .. The door bottoms were re-instated back on the door , I tucked the lower section inside tthe top and welded around the perimeter forming 2 new ends to tie it in ...the following pic shows first cut , untrimmed and rear corner not radiused ...

I then started to fit Jeff's cill panels ...I cleaned the areas being bonded and 'glassed right back to matt to ensure proper , good adhesion ..then larger holes drilled in the top allowing access to smaller holes in lower section ...these have been screwed and glued ..I added possibly too much sikkoflex in my eagerness , but I will clean it back tomorrow to weld the panels in place ...

lancelot link 15th July 2016 18:05

Bit more progress today but family and child duties meant that I only got 3 hours on the car ...Hoping to make up the shortfall over the weekend ..

I have continued the cill work ..welding the new section to the doorshut area and cut the bottom of the front wing to match ..when its all bolted up correctly it lines up nicely ..

I also managed to get the body off again and turned over so did a bit of glasswork around the boot perimeter and cut out and removed the roof vent

So , close of play today , the car is looking like an earlier version from the rear a bit more now....

Customers visiting Monday with a little pressie to add another change ...hopefully ..

lancelot link 19th July 2016 17:55


I have had to take a slight step backwards as the hinges had to be removed to do this mod ...I need to re-instate them about a half inch lower than standard with a spacer block between hinge and boot to compensate for the drop...not the end of the world but extra aggro ..

lancelot link 22nd July 2016 20:06

A couple of intensive days this week and a little help with the 2 man bits has resulted in the car getting a 'correct' rear screen aperture .
My customer turned up on Monday with a 250 SWB rear screen from GTO Engineering in Berkshire ..its the earlier vented example - perfect for our look .

This has really transformed the look of the car , it may not show in the pics very well , but the curved screen , wider glass , combined with filler cap / bootlid mod and the smooth roof , gives the car a great rear profile... I had to lower the boot hinges 15mm and 'relieve' the boot aperture a bit ...the original lip for the rubber seal ..

I have also shortened the passenger door 40mm in height , shortened the outer skin and reglassed it well as fitting the first section of the raised cill as well ...

tomorrow should see the fuel pipes bonded on , as well as starting to modify the rear shelf to live with new hinge position and longer window aperture ...

Roadster 22nd July 2016 20:28

Lots of work but its worth it
It will be very special when its finished

Jaguartvr 22nd July 2016 21:08

The rear window is a bit of a game changer, combined with the fuel filler it makes it the look to achieve. Well done. Was the window very expensive?

lancelot link 22nd July 2016 21:50


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 81298)
The rear window is a bit of a game changer, combined with the fuel filler it makes it the look to achieve. Well done. Was the window very expensive?

They are plastic and we need to make a little shroud to cover the vent , but agreed , it does look great .... They are 495 + vat = 594 !!

lancelot link 23rd July 2016 17:59

carrying on from yesterday , today I made a start on the rear shelf . It supports the rear body as well as blanking off the boot area visually . By enlarging and exposing the hinges , this panel no longer fitted . I cut the area around the original hinge points and cut along the side to allow the upright piece to be pulled out and down . The rear lip that supports the body was removed and replaced behind itself , if you get my meaning glassing it back on alongside its original position it stretched the panel whilst retaining the adhesive lip ..I then glassed over all the gaps and splits to create a solid panel . Although not finished until the body is finally fitted , its a step closer ...
My customer wants a 3rd brake light on the rear shelf , hopefully this can be fitted through the original BMW rear panel ..

Work continues on the elongated front wings too ...a section of cill has been removed and joined to the front wing ..the original wings travel all the way to the bottom with a vertical line seperating it from the cill line ...we are trying to recreate that without complicating bonnet opening too much ...I have cut about 120mm of cill away and joined it on ...The internal section of inner wing has been cut back approx 150mm and capped off ...its early days but it looks like its going to work ..the front wings are close but they clear the tyres on opening .. last job today was glass all this together , next job will be to trim and tidy this area and re-cut the cill line to give the arch a longer and slightly more teardropped shape ... then I need to cap the cill sections left behind ... an initial patch has been temporarily rivetted and glued in place whilst I figure it out ... ....

Paul L 24th July 2016 06:51

Gary - This is really shaping up nicely. :cool:

I am always impressed when people who know what they are doing get "stuck in".

As I am sure that by the time the paint goes on, you would never know there have been so many changes to the fibreglass & metal work.

Good luck, Paul. :)

lancelot link 26th July 2016 21:00

Thanks Paul ....Jeffy baby is the one who has the unenviable task of getting this one straight and in paint ...I am going to do an initial first pass with the filler when all mods have been finished , but straightening and final gapping is his domain ..

Carrying on from chopping the cill up ...I have finished one now subject to a bit of filler ...the second one needed a patch putting in where I cut too much off first go round ...I laid some glass onto the passenger cill on top of some parcel tape to create a patch panel for the repair ....this was cut in and glassed into place just before I left for the day ...

The first cill looks like this at the moment - notice I have slash cut the front edge slightly , trimming the BMW cill very slightly to get the inner arch to follow the new , longer flowing front arch that continues its line through the cill to help with the full wing appearance rather than seperate cill as the Tribute features ...( nothing wrong with the Tribute offering but my customer is wanting to enhance his example with a few tweaks towards the originals )

As there was some spare filler kicking around on a couple of occasions today - I always mix too much ! I started to gap the filler cap and straighten out the window aperture a bit too ...

lancelot link 26th July 2016 21:21


Originally Posted by Jeff H (Post 81430)
Looking good Gary,

So the bonnet clears the tyre ok when opening ? how much wiggle room is their once it is lowered ?

The customer is popping in to see me this Thursday, means I will have to push a broom around again.

YES IT CLEARS ...My first attempt didn't ...I wanted the cut line as far out of sight as possible but the first one touched the tyres as it went past them ...I had to trim about another inch off to get clearance and cut the inners back , but they need cutting right back and re-modelling anyway ..the horizontal line is just out of sight ..if you stood right back , you'll see it , but its low enough to not draw your eye ..... the vertical line at that point and the extra taper on the wings will give it a different look ... I can't see lowering it changing any of the above ..

It was the cut and then re-trim that forced me to do the repair on the drivers cill ...

lancelot link 29th July 2016 20:31

UPDATE ; The last couple of days have been fairly intense but some good progress has been made .
The customer visited yesterday and he decided he wanted the rear shelf as flat as possible towards the rear screen ...a slight ongoing mod on the hinges and I was able to flatten the hinge humps and re-glass the shelf pretty much flat ...

I also managed to do the latch mods on the BMW doors and fit the door skins and modified Herald handles ( The push bolt on the rear of the handle was replaced with one 15mm longer and bent 45 degrees approx. to strike the new latch plate )
I cut the recommended 100mm wide by approx 50mm deep hole 50 mm down from the top edge and 65mm from the rear edge ..a rectangular plate has been fitted to the mech. with the adhesive and a couple of pop rivets ...

Window frames are on and the 250 skins are pretty much fitted ..little bit of fettling needed but not bad first fit...

The rear quarters were pulled forward to match the doorline . I sliced the front face / door shut area and pulled it forward to duplicate the rear door line , braced it in position , put a flat sheet patch behind it and fibreglassed it in position ...

Final job of the day was to do the Hilltop mod of cutting the tabs off the screen pillar covers and bonding them on ....

Jaguartvr 5th August 2016 19:15

Whats with the big hole in the door?

Its not that hard to find the striker plate! :laugh:

Jeff H 5th August 2016 19:18


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 81658)
Whats with the big hole in the door?

Its not that hard to find the striker plate! :laugh:

Watch this space Steve,

We have a cunning plan....

Jaguartvr 5th August 2016 19:21

How did the leading edge of the door/ trailing edge of the bonnet go?
Any pictures?
It's nice to see the colour contrast between the filler and blue gel coat. Gives me a heads up on where to concentrate my efforts.
Doesn't look as if you have had to do much work to level up the bonnet aperture, or have you not got round to that bit yet?

Jeff H 5th August 2016 19:28


The bonnet aperture and flash lines need a lot more work, this is just the 1st pass with some filler.

I will bung some pics of my bonnet to door gap for you on my build thread, I am quite happy with the gaps on mine, still a bit to do but getting there.

Jaguartvr 4th September 2016 07:51

Any progress?

Jaguartvr 4th September 2016 18:01

Good idea bonding the skins on. The only reason for having them removable I suppose is for door handle and mirror access and that can be done with access holes.
Rest of it is all looking good.

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