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hurnleft 17th November 2016 17:41


kevemm 17th November 2016 18:48

SWB Build
Looks Fantastic well done!

Barber 17th November 2016 20:01

Top work chap.

Lucky@LeMans 17th November 2016 20:16

Looking really smart. The grille and wire wheels will really finish it off. This one has got to rank in the top three Tribute 250 SWB's out there now. Well done !

Psycho pops 17th November 2016 20:46

���� Just wow!

smash 18th November 2016 07:19

Wow! What a difference a rear window makes - if you're looking to replicate the original then that rear end is streets ahead of any other Tribute out there. An unbelievable difference - massive reduction in the slabby looking weight of the buttresses and looks far more curvy somehow.

Shuts look fantastic, paint always hard to gauge in pics but reflections look pinstripe and reflections remarkable true - especially over troublesome door skins. I know how many man hours have gone into this but not a single one wasted - hats off!

If you could supply it as a retrospective mod for built cars I suspect you'd have a big queue.

From the sound of it the customer is throwing some substantial money in, what with custom Borani's and also it will be the first coupe with bumpers. Once complete it has to be the one to beat.

The one thing I'm not keen on and never have been (but its down to the kit) is the window frames but there's nothing you can really do about that.

Testament to your skills that your techniques and mods are already being copied in other builds. Amazing to see how the builds are coming on in terms of finesse now

Love the Triumph boot handle - can I retro fit that in place my mini one?

PS Sorry to those of you whose hearts have sunk seeing my name appear again...

Jaguartvr 18th November 2016 08:08

Oh God, it's him again!!!!!!! (welcome back)

The rear window does make all the difference. Surely someone can come up with a cheaper version with maybe no vent. It could even be cheaper than getting an MGB window. Well worth Chris offering this on the MK2 version! are doing the chrome spraying, I am going to get my grill surround done by them. If we can get Chris to produce some bumpers it will be a much cheaper way of getting bumpers. It is the same process as used on the DNA 2fifty.
I do agree with Smash about the sliding windows, I personally would stick with the original electric windows and modify the window shut to suit.

I think I will also steal the Herald boot handle idea. Mine works but the catch doesn't spring back which is very annoying.

Finish and quality is superb, gotta be the best yet, well done.

Mikewade 19th November 2016 17:20

Hi Jeff,
Who's making the window frames for you? And any idea how much they would cost all polished up and ready to fit?

Paul L 20th November 2016 11:10

Jeff H & Lancelot Link - Great joint effort chaps, the car looks amazing. :cool:

By the time all the finishing touches are added it will be a true classic.

Cheers, Paul. :)

lancelot link 20th November 2016 12:12

I played a relatively small role in this , fitting the kit was straight forward ..the rear screen and fuel cap were not too bad to do in comparison with Jeffy Baby's work ...

Anyone thinking of doing the rear screen conversion , be aware the Tribute car is slightly wider than the GTO Engineering offering and the rear screen highlights this ...its a bit of a faff to get the two to live together harmoniously ...

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