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ericholm 5th July 2015 23:51

Nubodi Automotive - Reading
Hi All,

I went to visit Richard at Nubodi Automotive (near Reading) today with my 13 year old daughter to look at his 250 SWB 'Kalifornia' and Z300S.

Firstly what a nice chap and happy to spend the time talking to a noob like me, asking very irritating questions I am sure. He told me he has been doing Kits for some time mainly focusing on Z3 based kits and mainly Kobra's

As my kit is due in around 4 weeks time :pray2: I had lots of questions to ask and as he had the car there showed me a lot of what I needed to know. Relocating power steering components, door fitments, boot fitments, bonnet fitting, foglamp location and grill, Door handles, Wheels and tyres, capping off roll bar holes, seating, brake vent, exhausts fitting and modification, and so on.

The first impressions of the 250 SWB Convertible are that I have definitely made the right kit choice and the Exhaust note Richard has got with his modified exhaust is exactly right and it is a 3.0i like mine so hoping to replicate it as much as possible. It sounds mega and just right for the car. I think its going to cost me a fortune in fuel just revving it to hear the note :music:

Richard told me his car will be featuring soon in a kit car magazine so I took no photos of it and I think when it appears in the magazine it will look amazing as it certainly did in the 'flesh' and I am sure he will be doing lots more finishing touches.

My daughter was banging on :drum: telling me on the way back all the things that I have to do to my car based on what she had seen, and it certainly seemed to get her approval! especially the exhaust note. However she is trying to persuade me to paint it the same colour as Richards, but I am sold on a slightly different look.

Note - I have no affiliation with Nubodi's but wanted to let others know that Richard who heads up the company is a decent chap. :rockon: and its good to know that there is someone out there who has been there and done that!

wolfie 6th July 2015 09:25

Good luck with your build, I too was a noob and went and visited Richard to pick my Kobra kit up, I have since met him a few more times at various kit car shows and yes he is a very nice chap and very helpful too. I have almost completed my Kobra build and probably only spent around 4 days stripping z3 and putting the new kit on - remember i am a noob too. Please post pictures of your build as you progress as i and a few others will be interested. Also if you have any problems, questions etc. post them on this forum and someone will have been there and done that.



Nubodi Automotive 7th July 2015 15:05

Tribute Build Agents
I thought it was about time i joined the forum. My name is Richard Bird, I own Nubodi Automotive and are the Official build agent for Tribute. I am a vehicle technician with over 35 years experience of building Custom, Kit and Race cars.
I have attached some of the Tribute models we have built in the past, including KOBRA, Z300S, KOBRA KLASSIC and 250 KALIFORNIA (last two our names). Sorry the 250 has copyright but we have an exclusive with Kitcar magazine coming up. We can supply all the Tribute kits for the same price as Tribute but offer

1. 7 days a week technical back-up (9.00am to 9.00pm).
2. Finished demonstrators you can view and drive.
3. Delivery of 1 a mile up to 200 miles from Berkshire.
4. Build photo guide.
5. Kobra kits always in STOCK for immediate collection.
6. Shorter distance to collect your kit (probably)
7. Usually attend at all kit car events.
8. Build services of each stage from donor striping to paintwork or turn-key cars.

Please give me a call to discuss your requirements or just a chat about cars!

Nubodi Automotive 7th July 2015 15:27

Sorry the resolution is too high on the photos but if you email me I can send to you.
07779 365 24 7 (my work hours!)


ericholm 7th July 2015 16:04

Hi Richard,

I have reduced the size of the photo resolution so they can be uploaded:

Nubodi Automotive 7th July 2015 16:14

Thank you Andrew
I build cars, computers are like women, they baffle me and you need unlimited patience!

TynoPrime 7th July 2015 21:25

Can iI ask why you don't offer tributes 250gto kit? I'm looking at doing one very soon I hope and I'm based in Essex so reading would be considerably easier to get the kit from!

Nubodi Automotive 7th July 2015 21:57

We can supply the kit but have not built any yet. Hence no photos. I do have a good knowledge of MX-5's and GTO's separately. Give us a call. We can supply any Tribute kit.

ericholm 23rd July 2015 14:02

GazDavies 23rd July 2015 14:19


Roadster 23rd July 2015 14:59

I have seen it in the flesh fresh from paint - its Chris's best work to date

gas guzzler 23rd July 2015 16:36

Really nice looking car, great job. Just one thing though, in my opinion I think the exhaust could be a little shorter, my eye was drawn to it straight away. Hope I can achieve a finish like that, doubtful but I can hope.


cushti 23rd July 2015 16:57

Outstanding job.

Agree with above about the exhaust. I'd personally lob at least 4" off underneath to pull the tips in at the back but then it's not my car (unfortunately).

Nubodi Automotive 23rd July 2015 18:40

If it was the road going version they would stick out only a short amount due to the chrome quarter bumpers. However as this is a nod towards the competition model the exhaust do stick out more. I think if you saw it in the flesh you may change your mind?

Mister Towed 23rd July 2015 19:08

My goodness that's a great looking car.

I wasn't too sure about the styling at the back end when I saw the unpainted body, but now it's all glossy and red I'm impressed with how much better it looks.

Got to agree about the tail pipes though...

Nubodi Automotive 23rd July 2015 19:23

1 Attachment(s)
I personally love them, they remind me of the Daytona, which I've got two of. No one who has seen it in the flesh has mentioned the exhausts. Ask Andy (ericholm) I'm sure he will verify how they look in reality. I will try to add a photo of the competition version.

BazMason 23rd July 2015 20:02

Great looking car, well done.

On the subject of the tail pipes, I get the compitition reference but it looks like you might forget about them and end up snagging a trouser of your Armani suit putting the Louis Vitton suitcases in the boot!

hurnleft 23rd July 2015 20:10

Lovely looking car, should be a great success. I'm still glad I bought the coupe version though.

Cheers, Bob.

Nubodi Automotive 23rd July 2015 20:36

We will be starting on a coupe soon. We have a commission for a blue Kalifornia then will start on a Le mans coupe.

I've uploaded more photos on the website. Hopefully before winter the interior will be done to the same standard.

These pictures are better definition. Kitcar and Total Kit car have photo'ed it now so will be in the September issue. Complete kitcar next week

Also part one of the Rover 75 seat conversion (kitcar)

Plastic Porsche 23rd July 2015 21:01


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