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WorldClassAccident 25th July 2014 00:02

Tribute BBQ - Official thread!!!!!!!!!
Hi All, I have spoken with Chris and we agreed it is probably best not to have the BBQ at his place as there is limited space and lots of flammable stuff.

The good news is that I have managed to borrow this place

Proposed date : September 5, 6, 7th (Mainly the Saturday 7th)

It is slap bang in the middle of the New Forest and has some specially arranges rates for camping. There are also tipis, log cabins and even rooms in the house available for those who want to make a weekend of it. i am working on prices but it depends on numbers so please confirm you will be coming as soon as possible. All money goes to charity so if you book but don't turn up you are still saving the word.

Agenda for the Weekend (Work in Progress)

Arrive, pitch up, drink, eat your own food and share, talk bollocks and stuff

11AM - Cruise across the New Forest
1PM - Lunch in a pub somewhere
Later - Factory tour of Tribute Automotives manufacturing plant with the opportunity to have a photo with the founder, placing orders
Later still - Back to Avon Tyrrell for a BBQ, cocktails on the lawn, beer by the lake, Pimms on the pedalos etc

Nursing hang overs
Cruise to the coast *** Beaulieu Autojumble
Ice creams over looking the sea *** looking at the rust
Going home

I was thinking that we should make this open to all so that if potential Tribute owners or just interested people wanted to come they could. I was thinking we might get about 20 people there but I have reserved 600 spaces incase of unexpected demands.

Question : Do you want to pay for the BBQ on Saturday and get loads of stuff provided or do you want to all bring your own and cook it separately.

I would like to charge something like £10 to cover all food and cooking and bring your own booze but please let me know. There is a REALLY good chef there who we use for the Bike Bike Bash (

More photos.

y cymro 25th July 2014 00:17

This sounds great. It's the same weekend as the Beaulieu Auto jumble which is a good day/weekend out

WorldClassAccident 25th July 2014 00:33

Just realised the autojumble is the weekend before.

The new dates are now aligned

Beaulieuís most famous motoring event, the International Autojumble is the biggest outdoor sale of motoring items this side of the Atlantic will take place on 6th & 7th September 2014.

Same agenda but a week earlier. Sunday can be spent nursing hangovers and eating ice creams at the autojumble.

Drummajor 25th July 2014 14:16

Is it a week earlier then ?
Please confirm :)

WorldClassAccident 25th July 2014 15:56

6th & 7th September 2014

WorldClassAccident 25th July 2014 15:58

I need to confirm how many camping places we need.

If you don't want to camp then you can just turn up on the Saturday and sort your accommodation, Burley has a hotel and is only a few miles away

Drummajor 25th July 2014 16:54

Can't make it :(
Out of the country that weekend .

WorldClassAccident 28th July 2014 19:03

Sorry you won't make it.

Anyone else?

Drummajor 29th July 2014 07:35

That is the only weekend I can't make!!

WorldClassAccident 1st August 2014 12:34

Can anyone make this weekend?

It is the same weekend as the Beaulieu autojumble so you could combine the two.

I need to book the space in the next 2 weeks so please reply.

completenovice22 2nd August 2014 20:50

Sorry can't make it. working

Tribute Automotive 2nd August 2014 21:01

Maybe a simpler "Open House" day at the workshop later in September would suit people better?

WorldClassAccident 6th August 2014 21:48

I will let the country manor BBQ go then.

y cymro 7th August 2014 20:02


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 58264)
I will let the country manor BBQ go then.

It's always difficult to get a 'do' like this going.
But everyone appreciates your effort :first:

WorldClassAccident 8th August 2014 08:20


I am going to the Beaulieu Autojumble anyway as it is just down the road from me so might meet some of you there.

micky1mo 8th August 2014 09:08


Originally Posted by WorldClassAccident (Post 58301)

I am going to the Beaulieu Autojumble anyway as it is just down the road from me so might meet some of you there.

How about arranging a meeting point and time at the autojumble:tea:.

WorldClassAccident 8th August 2014 09:35

There will be a Beaulieu Autojumble thread. Any preferred time for meeting? Morning, noon, afternoon?

y cymro 8th August 2014 23:25

A pint lunchtime sounds good

WorldClassAccident 9th August 2014 08:16

We have a plan!

12:30, beer at bar.

There is normally a bar to the left of the pavillion cafe. From the entrance you walk down towards the main museum then as you pass the cafe you can do a sharp left and walk up the path towards the bat.

I will be wearing my Tribute t-shirt if I remember!

y cymro 9th August 2014 11:30

Excellent. I'll be wearing a carnation and carrying a copy of the times because I don't have a tribute t shirt.
Will pm you my mobi number

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