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alackofspeed 4th October 2009 20:02

I need to source a new gear cable, and a different length to that orginally supplied by Marlin.

If anyone knows a good source of cables the same as, or reasonably similar to, the Marlin supplied cables, please let me know.



DavidH 4th October 2009 20:49

I was looking a few months back as I was considring extending one of mine. Managed to track them down as being remote cables used on boats for remote throttle and steering controls. My local boat chandler was listed as a supplier. Didnt do it in the end, but will try and find the details and post a link on here.

sylvazx 4th October 2009 20:58

marlin get their cables from they are stockists for ultraflex cable. speak to the guy there and he will advise. all lengths available up to 30feet long. there is a heavier duty cable available than the one i was supplied with but it would mean changing the cable end mounts. was tempted to go for thicker one as i managed to bend a cable end when away on a trip and ended up on back of a recovery lorry.


eaa53 5th October 2009 09:02

New Original Cables
May be of little interest but I have a set of new un-used boxed gear cables as supplied from Marlin that I have no use for.

I used the MGF conversion so I have all the brackets linkages and cables all spare and unused.

alackofspeed 5th October 2009 12:31


They might be of interest, depending on the length.

I will check how long mine needs to be, and get back to you. If it's a go-er, we could then discuss a price?



sylvazx 5th October 2009 22:42

cables from Aquafax are cheap, i bought 2 sets after the previous problems, just incase it happens again.

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