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Jaguartvr 9th January 2018 08:45

"sales/wants/items of interest"
I have spoken to Paul and he is going to make this a sticky.
If you have something to sell, seen something that might be useful to somebody else or need something then please post it.
Try and keep it relevant, no sales ads for washing machines!

Jaguartvr 9th January 2018 08:47

365, 308 or Dino rear lights and indicators. Prefer reasonably priced replicas so if you have some knocking about or a link to some for sale please let me know.

DaveP 9th January 2018 11:26

Good call Jag :)

I spend quite a bit of time over on the forum these days as useful for the mechanical side of things - friendly bunch too. I've seen you over there too - don't deny it :)

Quite often they are either selling things that may be of use to a builder here or sometimes even I find people wanting (Z3 related) items (body panels, wheels etc).

Given that here we may have people with OEM stuff to sell to a pure Zed owner there may be an opportunity that doesn't involve fleaBay ?

I'd be happy to pass on requests if I see something there and vice versa. Just a thought


Jaguartvr 9th January 2018 11:47 is a good place to look for tips. There are still a few Luddites that don't use eBay so it's worth keeping an eye out on the site for parts.

scimjim 9th January 2018 15:08

What’s wrong with the existing cars and parts for sale, swap or wanted section?

Jaguartvr 9th January 2018 15:42

Very true, I tend to miss the parts for sale as it doesn't show when you open the "mad build area". Perhaps it could be moved?

Paul L 12th January 2018 16:58

Jag - Oops, sorry I got the wrong end of the stick. :rolleyes:

I though this was going to be posted in the Tribute section and I would have added a link to it in the Tribute Sticky.
( Keep forgetting you've started a 'Rover' build. )

Only JG has the power to make threads 'sticky' and he can also move them.

Apologies, Paul. :)

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