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lancelot link 11th September 2017 21:26

Miglia speedster bonnet option
Bonnet option withdrawn

davecymru 16th September 2017 05:51

Come on Gary "fess up" , did you break it! :)

Just kidding. :) it was interesting to see the direction in which you took that bonnet design, but i can't say it was my thing. I always thought the Miglia suited the curves of the existing bonnet rather than an angled scoop. But that's just my opinion.

fun fun fun

lancelot link 16th September 2017 07:39

Didn't break it ... ha ha ...

I am doing some work on a car for a customer who doesn't want any pictures or info posting about it . I agreed to do the bonnet mod amongst other things on a price ...As you know these are challenging bodies to get nice I have found it very tight to create the bonnet within the price quoted ... the mod isn't too bad , its getting the wrong curve , lack of bonnet gap issues resolved that have caught me out .....
I made a decision to take a mould for 2 reasons , one was to obviously attempt to get some of my lost hours back by offering bonnets as an alternative option to Miglians ...and secondly , the customer gets a new , uncut and modified panel for his car ...

I received an email last night from my customer expressing his discomfort in them being offered as an option for others ...I could argue my case ,point out the reasons and benefits , but its just a lot easier right now with my workload to just agree to withdraw it and the customer will retain his modified panels rather than a new set ...

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