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blooka 31st May 2014 11:11

body fitting probs
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Hi all
I have just done a test fit of the body on my spyder and wondered if it was normal for the sides when ratchet strapped to be 2 to 3 inch away from the chassis. Will i be able to fibreglass it like this or is there too much of a gap.
I have noticed that the frame runs out from the bulkhead wider than the chassis at the rear by a good 2 1/2 inch that`s what seem to stop it tucking under more.Just not sure if its normal or not. I hope the pictures will explain better than me lol
many thnx

garyh 31st May 2014 11:47

Just bridge the gap,blooka. I haven't got to this stage, but I wouldn't worry.

Mister Towed 31st May 2014 13:22


Originally Posted by garyh (Post 55924)
Just bridge the gap,blooka. I haven't got to this stage, but I wouldn't worry.

Yep, once you've bonded the shell wherever it touches the frame just fibreglass across from the floor up the inside of the shell. That'll make it really strong.

One thing worth looking out for is the fit of the offside sill at the front, the early Spyder bodies, mine included, didn't wrap under the chassis like it does on the passenger side. I just painted the outrigger body colour and nobody's ever noticed the asymmetry. After all, you never look at both sides of the car at the same time. If you look just behind each front wheel you'll see what I mean -

davecymru 31st May 2014 19:11

I had exactly the same with mine and i did the same as Towed, i just painted the chassis rail. In my case i painted it black and it looked fine!

I did talk to GaryJ about this a long while ago and originally the sides were both meant to lip under the chassis rail. Some did, some didn't and we always wondered if there were differences on the later cars as '66' was based on an early Herald and that was fine?

But I agree with now legendary saying "you can't look at both sides at the same time" :)

Paul L 1st June 2014 07:13

Whilst I haven't got to that stage myself, here are a couple of photos from other builds that might help.



Good luck, Paul. :)

blooka 1st June 2014 08:47

Thanks for the info guys I feel better knowing i dont have any major alterations with the frame etc.
I might bond the body on next week now if i`m feeling brave enough
once again many thanks

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