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chas 29th December 2014 18:03

New Member
Hi, my name is Charlie and I have just bought a 5exi, it was built originally by Marlinturbo(John). It has stood for the last 5 years under a tarp.

I am keen to look at Malintubo's build website but this does not work, is this because the website is old and has been removed?

Best Regards, Charlie.

limpabit 3rd January 2015 16:49

Hi Charlie.

Welcome to the site.

Not sure why John took the website offline. But if you pm
him, he might still have the pictures saved.

chas 3rd January 2015 18:11

Hi Limpabit, Thank you for the reply, not sure how to send a personal message. I take it you mean from this website? It's just that I thought as he sold the car over 5 years ago, he might not be a member anymore.

Regards, Charlie.

limpabit 3rd January 2015 18:35

Hi Charlie,

To send a PM, is quite easy to do.

Top right of madabout screen, you will see private message under your user name. Click this.

Then select send new private message. Recipient is marlinturbo.

limpabit 3rd January 2015 19:49

I've sent you a PM with John's contact details.

chas 3rd January 2015 19:51

Hi Limpabit, it's easy when you know how, a big thanks. Have sent marlinturbo a message.

Regards, Charlie.

limpabit 3rd January 2015 19:57

He's having problems getting on the forum at the minute. Might be worth emailing him with the addresses I sent you

chas 3rd January 2015 20:09

Hi limpabit, christ you don't mess about do you, will send marlinturbo a message with that email address.

Regards, Charlie.

eaa53 8th January 2015 15:35

Hi Chas

As part of my build I visited John and took some pictures of your car, was that 5 years ago!

General shots and areas of specific build areas I was going to duplicate from what I can see about 17 odd shots.

I could Photobucket them if there is a need.


chas 8th January 2015 17:15

PM Sent to John.

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