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hardegger 20th December 2016 09:42

Another Question MX250 wheels/tires/offset
I'd like to make my final decission about the wheels and order them.
The Lenso BSX: in my opinion they do fit perfect in black/silver.

- Can I order them in 7.5x16 offset 25 for front and rear axle?
- Is the tire dimension 205/45-16 for front and rear ok?
- What size of spacers would you recommend for rear axle?

Due to no power-steering and the low axle load resulting in low contact pressure, I tend to take this "smaller" tire size.


landmannnn 20th December 2016 22:13

ET 25 is about right, it means you can put them on the front with no spacers and use 50 mm spacers on the rear.

Tyres are quite difficult to judge without seeing them on the car and that you might lower the suspension.

mazdarazmataz 21st December 2016 10:21

Check my thread hardegger, as I have used similar to lenso bsx (BBS replicas) however I used a wheel called FYK which are available in 9j et10 which fill the rear arch pretty satisfactory without spacers.

Et20 is perfect for the front.

So you should be looking at a staggered set.

hardegger 13th September 2017 08:38

I just bought the Lenso BSX in 7x15 et (offset)20. My plan is to use 195/50-15 tires at front and rear.
What dimension of spacers would you recommend me?
I guess at the front axle there's no need for them, rear axle 25mm each side?

Greetings Jan

mazdarazmataz 13th September 2017 10:05

Your going to need some big spacers, particularly at the rear due to your choice of wheel
I'm on 15x9 et10 rear and 15x8 et10 front and the rear is still 20 mm short of the arch.
I would say your going to need 50mm at the rear and 25mm at the front

hardegger 13th September 2017 10:07

on each side 50mm at rear and 25mm at front or 25mm/50mm per axle?

mazdarazmataz 13th September 2017 10:10

Here's mine for reference

On each Axel I reckon, but wait for a few other peoples opinions.
Freakyparts sell the wilder size spacers for mx5

hardegger 13th September 2017 10:31

really beautyfull !!!

I'm calculating possible tire sizes and prefer 195/55 R15 due to a diameter of 23.46" with no need for correcting tachometer

Drummajor 13th September 2017 20:40

Put the wheels on , then measure from the centre of the wheel how far you want it to come out. Then you will know how big to order the spacers. Freaky parts will make to order too.

hardegger 14th September 2017 10:18

Yes, that might be the best solution BUT I haven't started yet so the kit in on a pallet and the mx5 is still driving "original"


tonyt 14th September 2017 20:45

Was told it was not possible to make adapters on phone to reputable firm using cad had to go from 100x4 PCD to 108x5 all three quotes from USA said don't use Chinese (who wanted to use steal) Us use billeted aluminium went with the one who asked for most measurement, very happy except for import tax, also have 50mm spacers on rear.

tonyt 14th September 2017 20:56

These are genuine wheels off a 1982 308, refurbished by me fitted with tall period tyres as that was the look I was after.

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