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tonyt 11th July 2012 00:34

Planning a Tribute Build
After looking at rusty Uk examples I have just bought an imported MX 5, clean example 1993 imported 2008, its a 1.8 V-spec, low km, with all usual refinements and no rust, it had a suspected head gasket problem, but with investigation it was a heater hose and thermo fan switch, now sorted.

Trouble is everybody is telling me its too good to pull apart for a kit, and I love drieving it especialy with the roof down when we eventualy get a summer. I love the look the Tribute 250 as it is but I would like the soft top option, not sure the Italia is for me, so Tribute it is, also prefer the new front and de vented rear so I'll keep watching this space.

Tribute Automotive 11th July 2012 20:11


Originally Posted by tonyt (Post 32849)
Trouble is everybody is telling me its too good to pull apart for a kit, and I love driving it especialy with the roof down.......

Welcome Tony :welcome:

Glad to hear you like the MX250. We have been doing a little more work on the "buck" for the soft-top version and will be ready to mould next week. All we need now is a deposit from someone that has just bought a really nice MX5!!!!:bounce: If you post some pictures of your car I am sure you will get some support for your conversion.

You can see more pictures of the build on the "Convertible MX250 " tread. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

tonyt 12th July 2012 00:55

Thanks for the warm welcome Chris, I'll get some pictures posted, like the way things are progressing.

Tribute Automotive 12th July 2012 19:38

Hi Tony.

Nearly there!

garyh 12th July 2012 20:27

Is this yours then, Tony...

What are the rear lights, they look different in this shot?

tonyt 13th July 2012 12:03

No it not mine, its belongs to Chris at Tribute, I've not even started yet.

tonyt 16th July 2012 17:46

Deposit in hand on this, looks very nice.

Tribute Automotive 16th July 2012 17:56

Hi Tony. Glad you like it that much:becky:. We are going to put some white paint on the car tomorrow, put on the correct size wheels and take some pictures in the glorious sunshine that is forecast(?):smow:

I will post the pictures late tomorrow night for you.

Tribute Automotive 17th July 2012 20:50

Tony, more pictures on the "Convertible MX250 " tread :bounce:

tonyt 17th July 2012 21:23

Top job Chris, I don't mind the rear vents, but I would prefer the newer style front, what sort of deposit do you need?

Tribute Automotive 17th July 2012 21:51

Thanks Tony. The convertible kit is 1395 with a deposit 550. Give me a call on 07901 544241 to talk about delivery/pick up.

tonyt 18th July 2012 19:35

tonyt 18th July 2012 19:51

Lengthy phone call with Chris today, great support, happy to pay a deposit on a kit, having trouble with photos of the base car, now have them on photo bucket but don't know how to link them.
Incidently for anyone doing rear brakes the rear calipers on a Mk1 are retracted by removing at 12mm bolt (the one next to the handbrake mounting bracket) there is an allan key bolt undernieth this that will wind the caliper back to alow new pads, when my G clamp started bending whilst trying to retract them I thought someting was wrong, eg. siezed caliper, checked online, this is common even garages get it wrong, who would hide that under the head of a bolt?

Tribute Automotive 18th July 2012 20:02

Hi Tony, good to speak to you today, your base car looks perfect for the conversion with all that lovely tan leather.

If you have your images already uploaded to Photobucket, go to your Album and under each picture that you roll over there is a list of 4 codes below the picture, click on the bottom "IMG CODE" part and it will say "copied".
You can now go to the Forum and "paste" the code into the meassage you are writing, you can have as many pictures as you like in each message.

Thank you for your order, I am sending you an email reference your deposit.

tonyt 19th July 2012 11:47

Tribute Automotive 19th July 2012 17:12

tonyt 27th July 2012 00:47

As soon as I mentioned the word kit car, the arm of my garage door broke, repared the arm then as I was refitting it the cable snapped. Had enough of up and over doors, new remote eletric roller shutter door now fitted, best part of a grand though, but very pleased, expensive month with a deposit sent to Chris no turning back now then, Tribute 250c or "Spyder" is on the cards.

tonyt 30th July 2012 02:35

Found the cause of all the rust on uk models, after our recent wet summer noticed a sloshing sound when pulling off, searched on line found that if the hood drains become blocked the rainwater ends up in the sills, if the sill drains are blocked it stays and sloshes around, causing corosion. Drilled an 8mm hole in both sides, pax side must have had at least a couple of pints in it, clean water though as I caught it early. I am now going to clear the drains and thinking about dranage when fitting a soft top kit.

Tribute Automotive 31st July 2012 21:02

Starting the moulds for "c" tomorrow, stand by for some pictures...

tonyt 1st August 2012 17:16

Just got use of neighbours trailer, if I rewire it, front disks and pads now fitted, next month I have a week of, so fingers crossed, pick up and stary the build.

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