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Jeff H 6th May 2016 21:31

Any love for the MEV replicar ?
I saw this at Stoneleigh,

I know it is in IVA territory but I was very impressed by it, another nice take on a 50's roadster built on an MX5.

The bodies are nice and straight out the mould and a lot of customers just paint a lip on the nose.

They are 5k plus VAT so 6K all in, plus all the other associated costs of course.

Hope the link works.

redratbike 6th May 2016 21:33

I like it personally ...always liked the expensive version replica when it came out ..can't think who made it.

Iva can't be too much of an issue if others have got through

Jeff H 6th May 2016 21:51

Their site seems to think it is one of the easiest cars to pass IVA, you get the lights in the kit and they are all positioned in the right place to pass.

Plus as you use almost everything off the doner it really helps, self centering steering, all the instruments and switch gear etc, even use the MX5 seats.

Of course once it has passed you can start putting period dials, wood rim on, wires etc.

Paul L 8th May 2016 06:35

Jeff H - I am another fan of the MEV Replicar. :cool:

And this version has the same colour scheme I am planning for my own build.

lancelot link 8th May 2016 07:40

I love the Aston styling and its a whole lot cheaper and available than the Evanta offering ...

The MX5 is a fantastic donor too ...I love MX5's ... I'd like to see one that someone has dressed post IVA though because they have huge potential to look fantastic but pre -IVA , especially the red one with those hideous seats , they just scream KIT , KIT , KIT ...

Jeff H 8th May 2016 08:51

I agree, pre IVA they don't look great, but once you get the pass the finished item will look great.

I am seriously considering one of these once the currant project is done.

The biggest ball ache looks like the strip down of the doner, and if you read some build threads on the forum a couple of guys have had some clearance issues with the tanks , all can be sorted though.

Oh and the little grilles in the front need to go they look to plasticky and modern.

JG 8th May 2016 08:59

Really liked the idea of the Replicar when it first came out but when I saw it with 'fake' doors it really put me off. Now it has doors (albeit those ugly hinges would have to go), it is more of a proposition.

Jeff H 8th May 2016 09:04


Originally Posted by JG (Post 78616)
Really liked the idea of the Replicar when it first came out but when I saw it with 'fake' doors it really put me off. Now it has doors (albeit those ugly hinges would have to go), it is more of a proposition.

They are early Mini door hinges,

I am sure they could be sorted to internal hinges, it would clean the line up from the side rather nicely.

Jeff H 11th April 2017 19:40

Replicar for sale.
I noticed that this part of the buisiness is now up for sale,

And for a very reasonable price 25k plus VAT, the advert is saying they sell about 25 kits a year, it looks very cheap to me for what's included.

molleur 11th April 2017 21:37

I'm wondering why they are selling off that part of the business...

lancelot link 11th April 2017 23:12

25K SEEMS REASONABLE TO ME ...I have more than that sunk into my project so far ...

I have to question the 25 a year sales though ...its been on offer for a few years now ..thought we might have seen a few more than we have if they were selling that many units ?

kevemm 12th April 2017 15:06

They had such a great idea and like many Kit manufacturers they do all the hard work with nearly getting the shape right then miss all the finer details. If they wanted to sell these they should have got a passed IVA model (clients) on the stand ripped out the hideous interior, door hinges pin hole roundels. I have an 860 Monza Ferrari replica which i attend Le mans, Laon, Jersey, Goodwood , Silverstone etc whilst no where near as bad as these it too needed sorting. Correct Interior, exhaust, (right size roundels small ones look so poor) If you are going to love a 1950's looking car then make it look like one it drives me mad. If he had concentrated on doing the above i am sure the market for these would be really good as people are looking to buy the classic looking sports cars which are getting harder and harder to find but exactly that! they are looking for that classic look not the interior and comfort of an MX5. Great having reliability yes under the skin but not the other mod cons.:rant:

paul_n 12th April 2017 17:13

Also on their web site I did not see a single example carrying a UK number plate.

Sort of makes you think one never got on the road ?

regards Paul

Car photographer 21st April 2017 17:04

I always liked the look of these but also thought they were not quite right - with a bit of tweaking the design could have looked so good.

molleur 21st April 2017 18:40

Not for me!

lancelot link 22nd April 2017 10:38


Originally Posted by molleur (Post 87549)
Not for me!

I think they are workable ...for me , if you choose a car to replicate , then you are setting yourself up for criticism if its not accurate or you have been flexible in design to accommadate modern regs etc... but this is an ongoing issue that won't go away with new testing processes....I think he has done well to get a retro styled kit through the IVA , as I think its aimed at stopping retro styled cars , Hot Rods etc. primarily ... ...I echo everything said above , ditch the horrible IVA'able bits after the test in the same way the Cobra guys etc do ...- the right accessories and they stand a chance ...the biggest issue I have with them is the small wheel arches combined with smallish wheels as opposed to the original cars 16'' wires and huge arches...They are very wide when compared with an original too ...but so are all the Aston offerings in this catagory as they use Jag axles mostly ...when you stand next to an original they are quite skinny ...

There is potential to make them great little cars ...but they just need that bit of help ...hopefully whoever takes them on ...and I would love to be let loose on them ..will take them down the right path ...

Jaguartvr 25th October 2018 08:21

I think MEV had the moulds up for sale earlier this year. I think the IVA was putting customers off, not sure if they were sold.
It is prettier in the pictures than in real life, the driver sits much too high in the car and just doesn't look right.

Sorry, didn't read the earlier posts.

Lucky@LeMans 25th October 2018 08:47

If the body was available on its own it could have made a good re body project like the Formosa. Regards the seating position, that might be down to the use of standard car seats ?

lancelot link 25th October 2018 18:52

I think its partly seat choice and partly restrictions of Space frame and running gear etc...
The green one looks better than the red one , but they just don't quite work for me ...they look a bit plastic ? I know that's a daft thing to say about a fibreglass car ..but you can dress a plastic car to make them look the part ...I just don't think they tried hard enough ...

For me ..its a nearly but no cigar .

I would love to get one and dress it up ...alter a few bits ..

molleur 25th October 2018 19:43

More than double advertised in the USA, plus shipping & crating.
Space frame limitations effect the seating. Not worth it to rebody an old Miata.

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