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lancelot link 3rd November 2017 17:09

Donor vehicle ?
This looks interesting ....

She's been off the road since 2013 , the DVLA database is showing it as a 2.0 , seller says its overdrive ...the stuck in gear will probably just be the clutch siezed ..relatively easy fix ...


If I had the space and money , this would be heading my way ...

Jaguartvr 4th November 2017 08:05

You may not be able to remove the registration number.
Anything with an "S" in a 6 digit plate is often a reissue and so you cannot transfer it.
It can of course be retained if the car is used or modified.

lancelot link 4th November 2017 12:55

YOU ARE RIGHT ..Its a re-issue that would have been issued late 90's from memory ( I was a number plate dealer in the 80's and 90's )...undoubtably due to having its original number transferred ...That's why I referred to it as an age related number .
The point I was trying to make was that it would look completely at home on a Formosa 120 GR as it has no defining age suffix like many Vitesses do ...
If someone was looking to put a non-specific date of issue number plate on one of my cars , to get a 6 digit number , the cheapest one DVLA will sell you is 399 to get one included in the deal is a nice sweetener and makes the donor even more attractive in my eyes ...

lancelot link 6th November 2017 19:40

Had a really nice phonecall today ...a guy from Cromer in Norfolk phoned me to say he is going down to pick this car up tomorrow as it ticks all his boxes for his build plans ....namely , an F 120 GR.

I am so pleased because its perfect for one of my kits and a good price.

He is going to send me some pictures when he gets it home and starts pulling it apart with a view to ordering the kit in the new year ...

Mister Towed 6th November 2017 21:10

Wow, must be something in the Norfolk air.

Hope to see the build process and the car on the roads hereabouts in the not too distant future. :)

molleur 6th November 2017 21:19

Hey, congrats!

redratbike 7th November 2017 11:19

I think you could be onto something highlighting the donor cars for 120 builds

Barber 7th November 2017 13:59

Gary, great that your strategy looks like it is paying off. All the hard work and thinking it through was worth it.

lancelot link 7th November 2017 17:45

THANK YOU ....I will put up suitable donors from time to time and encourage anybody else who sees any cars to do the same ...

I do know of a 1600 MK1 Vitesse locally in about the same condition as the one above but on an 'E' registration , I think ...its 1100 me for details ..

lancelot link 7th November 2017 18:07

This ones a bit sad but an offer on it might be worth a go , its been on for a while and is too far gone for a 'normal' buyer ...its got some decent 'cashback' bits as well ...

I'd buy the seats ...

lancelot link 11th November 2017 21:46


lancelot link 12th November 2017 08:18


Dale j 12th November 2017 10:16

i need some outriggers and side rails for my vitesse. i can get them from rimmer bros,at 253 pounds or can i make them from box section

Dale j 12th November 2017 10:34

east coast new build
Hi i need some advice. i need new outriggers and side rails for my vitesse,i can get them from rimmer bros at a cost 253 or can make them from box section

lancelot link 12th November 2017 12:53

As long as you follow the same dimensions or footprint as the original chassis , ie don't narrow or widen the chassis , you can use a box section as the rules allow a boxed channel as part of a chassis refurb . If you were restoring it might bother you , but we aren't restoring , we are improving !!!

lancelot link 16th November 2017 22:58

redratbike 17th November 2017 16:30

You missed the herald pickup that went for 137 the other day engine or box but what a cheap donor!!!!!

Still bargains out there

lancelot link 24th November 2017 20:36


Decent , solid car and a nice start ...

lancelot link 24th November 2017 20:46

The last Spartan I pulled apart made about 400 in bits ...registered as a Spartan in 1979 , so MOT and tax exempt in about 18 months time too ...

lancelot link 3rd December 2017 20:14

Only a 1200 but has a disc conversion etc...looks nice and clean and a 63 , so a nice dateless registration ...

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