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lancelot link 8th November 2017 19:07

Cornish build
I sold a kit very early on , before Graham's car was finished , to a guy in Cornwall ...I know he lurks on here , but hasn't posted anything ...

I don't have much info ..but can tell you he bought a Vitesse in bits about a mile from my workshop and I pieced the bits loosely together for him to transport it , the intention being to strip , refurb , replace , whatever during the process of a full nut and bolt rebuild .

The body was supplied in white as the plan is to go down the 300 SLR path with the styling ...a look that will work well due to the size of the cars , IMHO.

To help achieve this , we supplied an extra headrest for the customer to graft on at his leisure ...

I'm looking forward to seeing one in silver ...

Mister Towed 9th November 2017 06:59

Silver, eh? Hmm, yep, I think that'll work. :)

I also thought 300 SLR when I first saw your new baby coming together, so I'm liking the Cornish builder's approach.

Now, if you can just persuade the builder to start a thread...

Paul L 9th November 2017 07:16


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 91634)
… the plan is to go down the 300 SLR path with the styling ...

Nice. :cool:


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 91643)
Now, if you can just persuade the builder to start a thread...


Don’t know if the ‘Cornish Builder’ has worked with fibreglass before.

But before I joined this forum I didn’t have a clue how that stuff worked.

Whereas now I am looking at the rear lighting mount on #722 and thinking about how I would make it myself. :rolleyes:

So a build thread is a great way for people to make suggestions.

After all, I’ve made fibreglass parts for my car from beer cans and bits of foam. :icon_wink:

I wish the builder good luck, Paul. :)

lancelot link 9th November 2017 07:26

I'll have a chat with him later ...see if I can get him out of the shadows !

( No Cliff Richard jokes please !!!! )

I know the intention is to be influenced by , not copying the 300 SLR , so it will be interesting to know what features will be used ...

lancelot link 7th December 2017 20:09

Stuart sent me some pictures ....

He bought a Vitesse literally around the corner from me in bits and this was partially assembled by me to get it rolling and delivered with the kit ...

Stuart has pulled it apart and is working through the car renewing a lot of parts ....
bbcode image
bbcode image

Stuart has fitted and removed the body a few times and fitted the wires the car is looking pretty cool ...
bbcode image
bbcode image

Stuart came to see me earlier this week and took on some more parts , so hopefully I can update sometime soon ....

Paul L 8th December 2017 18:12

That looks very nice. :cool:

And it is great to see that customers can build the car "out of the box".

Good luck, Paul. :)

molleur 8th December 2017 18:15

And, I like it too!

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