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Hughandjen 3rd May 2019 10:04

Iím going on Sunday . I hope to see many of these Tribute cars in the flesh. I am stil in the process of sorting out the interior so am in need of some inspiration.

Simon E 3rd May 2019 12:45

First time for me at Stoneleigh, going on Sunday too. Looking forward to seeing the Grassbank 250 GT Coupe, some Tribute Kobras and the Speed 3 Automotive 6R4, GBS Zero....etc etc I've heard the various owner's club parking areas outside are also well worth a look around.

ElysianPirate 3rd May 2019 14:02

I’m going Monday just to be the odd one out!

Hoping for dry if not warm so can have good look round without getting soaked! Hehehe

Colin HD 3rd May 2019 20:56

I'm also going on the Sunday, but unfortunately my car isn't quite ready.

Anybody up for a 'meet & great' just to say hello?
Say, 13:00 somewhere central & easily found?


Hughandjen 3rd May 2019 21:08

Great idea Colin. Why not at the Tribute stand?

Barber 3rd May 2019 21:10

I will be there on Sunday too. Isn't there a Tribute Owners area? That would be a logical venue for 13.00

Colin HD 3rd May 2019 21:13

Sounds like a plan, how do we open it up to 'Mad-Abouts' that don't necessarily read this thread?

Hughandjen 3rd May 2019 21:15

I’ll just start a new thread headed Stoneleigh meet up.

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