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Marc F 20th April 2015 17:17

Miglia Leggera (or Spitfire based...)
Hi all, after a fun few months (change of job, wife starting new job, family matters etc etc, yawn) I have been able to get back in the garage. State of play is:

Lifted body, and hung it on my garage roof (over my wife's side :smile:) so now have full access to the chassis and frame. I have purchased three A-frame stands so will strip down, lift, then rebuild up to "pre wheels" stage, before lowering again to refit the body.

Engine stripped off and taken out (no hoist yet so easier to remove ancillaries etc) - this weekend's job is to build teh engine stand and get the engine up on it. With the body off I now have room at the front and rear of the chassis to work on bits. The engine is all new ( I built it up using all new components 30 years ago, never run, so just stripping down, clean (rust free thankfully), lubricate and build up again. Partly for my own peace of mind, partly to let my son learn some spanner skills (I have started him off - he helped the stripdown - 17, leaning to drive, so about time he learnt how to hold a spanner).

Once engine is back together (which will need a new gasket set only officially, but will replace filter, refurb, repaint etc) it will be "strip down the chassis" time. I have a load of new goodies to go on, so will be good fun.

For anyone who is interested (and I only realised nobody knew when I read another thread), I am based in Billericay, Essex, so happy to receive visitors. I will be going to Stoneleigh this bank holiday so happy to meet up with any fellow builders.

I have gained an iphone, so should be able to post photos - is there a "how to" somewhere, as I would like to share the progress of what will no doubt be a slow and painful process :smile:

Paul L 20th April 2015 18:04

Marc F - I'm looking forward to seeing this build thread. :cool:

There are a couple of links with information about loading photos:

This one covers photos stored externally.

This one covers photos stored on the forum itself.

This forum feature only went live in 2014, so was not available at the time the other thread started.
( But it is mentioned at the end of the first thread. )

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

Marc F 20th April 2015 19:13

Cheers Paul - I will create an album and see how it goes. I am hoping to streamline the photo stage so i can just click on teh phone and make it appear, so will experiment further.

And if I read right, Mike has stopped making kits now has he? Shame, and hope I can get a receipt off him to register it. Will keep trying him...

garyh 20th April 2015 21:07

Just make one up...

Marc F 30th April 2015 10:28

If this works, it will be the body finally taken off the chassis (ably assisted by James, my son)

Edit - hmmm, no actual pic, just the link. Back to the drawing board...


Ah ha, success. Ok, some lessons for me there - take photos the right way round. And tidy my garage up :-)

Marc F 30th April 2015 10:33

Frame (and clutter)

Body off and stored hanging from the roof (that's my wife's car below it, so I made sure the ropes were good...)

And my newly cleaned workbench - I know, I shouldn't be so proud of it...

Paul L 1st May 2015 07:52

Marc - Good to see your build thread is up and running. :cool:

Well, apart from having to look sideways at the photos. :icon_wink:

I am sure your work bench will be a great help in your build.
( Even if it is unlikely to stay that clean for long. )

Good luck, Paul. :)

Marc F 1st May 2015 07:58

Chees Paul. I will be at Stoneleigh in Sunday looking at welding masks and other assorted goodies, then back in the garage on Monday.

Must look at my phone to see how to realign the photos BEFORE uploading them to the album :-)

1iTim 1st May 2015 10:29

Nice work Marc good to see!


davecymru 2nd May 2015 05:38

A clean workbench!! I'm not sure I agree with such radical notions!

All looking good so far matey, I look forward to seeing this one progress

Carib Classics 2nd May 2015 19:57

body for spitfire chassis
Hey Marc have you made any further progress with your kit?
How much shorter is you body than that of the Herald? Is it really 8 1/2" shorter?

Marc F 4th May 2015 20:49

Hi Carib. This weekend I stripped the engine for a clean and rebuild after it sat around for 30 years. Just ordering the parts from paddocks now.

As to the body, I believe it is 9" shorter. Sadly, however, my understanding is that Mike is no longer selling kits, so I may end up the only Spit based Miglia. Sorry

No photos yet - not sure how interesting a workbench full of Spit engine bits would be to anybody. But glad I took it out, as I noticed the cam bearings were not installed in line with the oilways, so will need to get those pushed out and refitted. Wish I had checked more carefdully 30 years ago...

8 Valve Ed 4th May 2015 21:02


Originally Posted by Marc F (Post 66560)
No photos yet - not sure how interesting a workbench full of Spit engine bits would be to anybody.

You posted a lovely photo of a sterile bench, to see it laden with engine parts would be a real treat! :icon_smile:

They say a picture tells a thousand words...

Marc F 5th May 2015 08:09

Cheeky! But as there is no rest for the wicked I will do that tonight.

Otherwise, plan for coming weekend is to get the suspension off so the chassis can go up on stands. When that happens I will put some more photos up. After all, it is supposed to be a build thread, not a dismantling one...

Cheers all. It is quite encouraging knowing that others are watching, keeping me honest.

8 Valve Ed 5th May 2015 08:24


Originally Posted by Marc F (Post 66583)
After all, it is supposed to be a build thread, not a dismantling one...

Not so sure about that... I think there can be a lot of value in seeing things as they were at the start. I stupidly forgot to record the dismantling on my Berlinetta, to my cost. There were several things from two years ago when I stripped the car which I really needed to check back on but I had no photographs to look at. Which way brackets or panels were attached, which bracket went where and stuff like that.

I think one of the great values of a forum like this is to keep us on our toes so to speak. If somebody see something wrong they will usually speak up. A bit of praise and encouragement goes a long way too!

Marc F 5th May 2015 08:30

Wise words. Sadly, my original donor was stripped down 30 years ago pre digital, so I now have the joys pf making sense of things like the wiring loom etc. Digital cameras have made everything easier these days.

But, really enjoying this and excited by the car, which is all good. I felt again, up at Stoneleigh, how boring the kit car world is in danger of becoming with factory build Cobra's and 7's, so coming back to the garage to my pile of bits and pieces felt satisfying.

froggyman 5th May 2015 08:31

I am sure this is going to be a great build for many to watch. The bench would put many kitchens to shame. Now pile it with bits and bobs and get it dirty!! Lol.

8 Valve Ed 5th May 2015 08:52


Originally Posted by Marc F (Post 66586)
I now have the joys of making sense of things like the wiring loom.

As for the wiring, if it's an old Lucas loom then it's fairly easy because the coulour codes are reliable.

Check out the CBS (Car Builders Solutions) catalogue, they have a list at the back of their catalogue with Lucas colour codes and what they do. Once learnt, you don't even need a wiring diagram. It's really very logical and makes a lot of sense.

Being REALY cheeky now, here's a screen shot of the chart... Taken from the CBS PDF catalogue which has a lot of really useful info in it.

Well worth sending off for the paper copy.

Viatron 5th May 2015 10:24

You might want to consider using a new loom, I got one from Langys Rod Shop and it was a dream to fit and cheaper than messing with exisitng 30 year old wiring that was suspect to begin with.


Marc F 5th May 2015 10:36

Mac, that sounds interesting. I am aiming for as much reliability as possible, so every little helps. When youused them, did you order a "Triumph" loom, or do you give them specs of exactly what you want and they custom build it? If so, how do you sort out lengths etc? Sounds interesting though - I will wander over to the site at some point.

Initially though my target is to get the engine started, as a major morale booster. So my initial "loom" will be the starter and coil, which I will jury rig up (as I have not decided where I want the battery yet).


And Ed, that is a great wiring guide - great find.

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