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Marc F 31st May 2016 12:11

Quick question - I was reading someone's thread and they mentioned a paint (from Germany?) but cannot find it again. Thought it was Swifty but maybe was Mt Towed. Think it was 1k type paint, and I am sure it was a green car (but who knows...).

Does this ring bells to anyone please, so I can find the paint supplier again. I know I tried the supplier's website but it was not user friendly, so drifted of without bookmarking the page.

Thanks all


Mister Towed 31st May 2016 15:52

Hi Marc, wasn't me I'm afraid, I used a UK supplier called Jawel.

swifty 31st May 2016 17:09

May of been me, is this what you were thinking of

Bought from a local paint supplier to me, apparently its used on plastic bumpers to give a flexible key for the high build primer or primer coating.

Marc F 1st June 2016 07:33

Nope, I checked yours. It was a thread that linked to a German paint manufacturer.

But your paint does look good. More the prep effort you put in than the product methinks. Need to check out the magazine article on your car. Did you say you're selling?

swifty 1st June 2016 17:07

If the price is right, serious money only.

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