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jmc14 21st November 2017 04:38

Cheetah inspired build
I love the swoopy looks and short overhangs of the Cheetah race car. Those were coupes. I like roadsters so I tried to imagine if the Cheetah had continued and a more comfortable, street roadster had been developed.

I built the space frame. 1984-1996 C4 Corvette aluminum independent suspension bolts into it. I'm using a Small Block Chevy engine and Richmond 4 speed transmission.

I just finished the body shape and details. There still lots of work to get the body finished. I wanted to see the body in one color so today I used spray can paint to do that.

Here's what I have so far.

DaveP 21st November 2017 06:36

Nice !

Car photographer 21st November 2017 17:22


jmc14 22nd November 2017 01:15

Thank you.
Today I moved the car outside for the final mock up. I added a 4 inch piece of PVC pipe to simulate the side exhaust and ended up placing a spoiler on the rear deck. I like the spoiler. I'll make one specifically for this cars rear deck.

I'm done with my work on the body. Now it's off to the body shop for final prep. During that time I'll assemble the chassis.

When compared to my truck my car is small!

molleur 22nd November 2017 01:37

Just curious, what windscreen is that from?

jmc14 22nd November 2017 01:44


molleur 22nd November 2017 01:51

Cool! Now I do recognize the side posts.

jmc14 22nd November 2017 02:40

My windshield base still needs work. But, I like the MGB windshield. I think it fits the style of my car.

molleur 22nd November 2017 02:56

It looks good to me!

vantage1e 22nd November 2017 18:01

Very nice!

redratbike 22nd November 2017 21:29

I do like the coupes as they look very cartoonish sort of a hotwheels model like the one below

But i like what you have done ....the power to weight ratio is going to be something else ...will be fun driving that

jmc14 13th January 2018 16:53

I stupidly announced that I was done with the body work. After I took a closer look there were several areas that needed additional work to get the look as I wanted. I'm not in great health so I'm working at a low pace.

The Cheetah had a very wide, almost smiley face, radiator opening. It isn't my favorite look so I divided mine into 3 sections. The center is the width of the radiator and duct. The outer ends can hold fog lights or duct the brakes. I know that its hard to see in the pictures.

My son is in the car. He is 6'2". The seat can be lowered by 2 more inches. It's 42 inches to the top of the windshield frame.

I've redone the headlight buckets 3 times! I wanted the headlights to be small, and sit as far forward in the fender as possible. I needed the clearance for the tire to the headlight and I wanted them to blend in to the fender as much as possible. I ended up using Harley Davidson Vrod motorcycle headlights. They're reasonably priced, are self contained, DOT legal, and the lens has a nice contour. They are available in a more traditional lens lay out than the ones pictures as well. Options are good.

I've reworked the windshield base extensively. Now its a much tighter fit to the MGB frame and flows smoothly into it.

I wasn't happy with the rear deck. I've rounded out the fenders and made the deck a smooth arc from side to side.

This body is very heavy because of all of the extra fiberglass, body filler and other reinforcements that I've added to it. Because of that and the fact that my son and a couple of other people want to build this car I'm having molds made. This body is becoming the plug.

The body is simple and just 2 pieces. I've molded in the fire wall, dash, and interior cockpit into the tub. When it comes out of the mold it will positively sit on and lock onto the frame.

I've molded a rear bulk head to the 1 piece flip up Bonnet. The rear bulkhead of the hood and the firewall being molded in means that they will match up. No body work or fitting will be needed.

Thursday I bolted large industrial casters to the frame and mounted the body. It's ready to go to a friend that owns a body shop. He's doing the final body prep and paint. Then it goes to a professional fiberglass company to have the molds done.

I cleaned the shop from top to bottom yesterday. I hate body work and hope that I am done with it forever. :) While the final body prep is being done. I'm leaving the cold winter in up State NY and going to AZ. I'm going to act retired!

I've built a Cobra replica. I used my own frame and Corvette suspension and engine. Of course using Chevy parts in a Cobra build is just wrong. :) So, I sold the Cobra and started on this Quest to build a roadster that used the Corvette parts. I choose the Cheetah as a starting point because it used Corvette parts. I tried to imagine if the Cheetah had continued and a Street Roadster had been developed. I think this car is an alternative to the Cobra for Chevy fans. I can't wait to get it done and drive it. Having fun.

jmc14 16th February 2018 14:39

I finished the mods and refining the body. It's in the process of final prep for molds to be pulled. I'm having a professional fiberglass company make my molds and the body for me. My process has been long but I can see light at the end of the tunnel. I'm shooting for having my car on the road this summer.

jmc14 2nd August 2018 16:59

My friend an I just finished the body work and final prep. The body is ready to pull molds from.

I left the gap between the tub and hood extra wide to do the body work. It will be closed up for the build.

Side pipes fill in the gap between the tub body and the lower frame.

keith 2nd August 2018 19:43

The body work looks fantastic should be a very spectacular looking car.

Mister Towed 3rd August 2018 07:24

Wow, I like it.

Did you start with a pre-(un?)loved Cheetah shell or build your own buck from scratch?

jmc14 4th August 2018 13:03

I purchased a shell from a fiberglass guy that goes by the name of Mr Bruce. He's outside of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He made his coupe body longer and much wider. It was a good starting point. But, required massive modifications to get what you see in the pictures.

I shortened it extensively and the car now has the original's 90 inch wheelbase. I narrowed it by 8 inches so that it fits the C4 Corvette suspension. (Its 74 inches wide at the rear tires and 72 inches wide at the front) I redid all of the fenders and wheel openings. Created the hood bulge and hood vents. Redid the radiator opening and brake ducts. Redid the side contours. Molded in the windshield base, dash, and interior cockpit. Shortened the rear overhang and changed the angle. Molded in a bulkhead into the rear of the Bonnet. Formed the rear deck. (There wasn't a rear deck on the body) And more!:)

I agonized over design details and would make changes then redo them over and over. When I got the the final look that I was happy with I spent hours upon hours shaping, smoothing out, and sanding.

I know that this body isn't an accurate Cheetah Replica. I did it to my personal taste while trying to retain some of the design features of the Cheetah. I love the shape and I'm happy with the results of my work.

Mister Towed 4th August 2018 13:16


Originally Posted by jmc14 (Post 96283)
I know that this body isn't an accurate Cheetah Replica. I did it to my personal taste while trying to retain some of the design features of the Cheetah. I love the shape and I'm happy with the results of my work.

Well said, that's exactly my ethos too.

jmc14 16th August 2018 02:12

I have successfully delivered the body to the fiberglass company that I'm using. I have a couple of people that want a body too. So, I'm having 4 bodies made to begin with.

The fiberglass company tells me that they will be able to do the body in colored Gel Coat and give me the body with it finished and buffed out. If they are right not having to do body work and paint is a big time and money saver. I know that a Gel Coat finish isn't the same quality as a top paint job but I'll see how it looks. I'm thinking red for my Roadster.

The first bodies should be ready for the first week of Oct. I can't wait.

Barber 16th August 2018 14:24

This is coming along excellently, I think red as a stock colour would be the best way forward.

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