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lancelot link 20th April 2018 18:57

Ray ''Don't call me Raymondo'' came down yesterday and painted his frame with POR15 ..I have not had any dealings with it before and its a little bit time and preparation critical , but it is quite impressive has the look and feel of a plastic coating finish on the frame ...

I have allowed it to cure today , but tomorrow morning its going back on the car ....body is going to be ready on wednesday morning it's all going to start shaping up quite quickly now ...

RayHutch 20th April 2018 20:05

Also managed to POR15 parts of my hands, arms and head. Impossible to remove (good sign), even with petrol.... I’m sure it will wear off !

While the first coat of the POR15 was drying Gary took me to the fibreglass fabricators where they were making the bonnet - highly recommended to see the body coming together. Once Gary trains me how to post photos to l’ll put them up.

Quick shout out to Gary’s neighbour Dave who’s hospitality is peerless :-))

molleur 20th April 2018 22:26

Have a look at "Rust Bullet" Very similar, half the price.

Paul L 21st April 2018 05:46

I know I keep saying it, but the internal framework does look impressive. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

lancelot link 21st April 2018 07:19


Originally Posted by Paul L (Post 94450)
I know I keep saying it, but the internal framework does look impressive. :cool:

Good luck, Paul. :)

Thank you ...

lancelot link 8th May 2018 18:40

Having pretty much drawn a line under Barry's car , it meant that today I could get back to Ray's example.
I fitted the frame back on properly , first fit since painting it , bolted everything back as it was ....fitted his wheel adaptors and put his 15'' wires on .

I dropped it off the jacks and put the body in place for it's first trial fit ....

I need to remove the body , fit fuel tank etc and hopefully after a bit of a roll about the rear wheels will level up ...the front wants raising a bit as it's a bit low ...soft springs I suspect as they all get cut a similar amount initially ...

The body was pinned in place at the bulkhead and clamped at the rear to check frame fit / wheel arch centreing etc... and all is good ..little bit of fettling and alignment required on final fit but thats normal at this stage ....

lancelot link 9th May 2018 17:54

Fuel tank has gone back in and was plumbed up in the process ...fuel line runs along its stock route through the outriggers . The Spitfire fuel tank really is perfect for this type of conversion .[/url]

The steering was hooked up and body re-instated so that I could fit the exhaust system.
The front section was fitted when I shifted the engine back , but the rear section is too long as a result of the shift backwards and less overhang than the stock Vitesse bodyshell.
So approx 57cm was removed and piece of slightly larger exhaust section ( actually a piece I removed from Grahams car ! ) was welded to the end to enable it to sleeve over the front section .

Then I made a rear crossmember....[/url]

and when it was bolted across the two boot outriggers , it gave me two mounting points for the rear tail pipes . The crossmember laps under the outriggers to stop it twisting as well ...[/url]

Ray wanted some subtle peek-a-boo tail pipes , not sticking too far out but just showing themselves subtlely at the rear ....hopefully this is what he asked for ![/url]

RayHutch 9th May 2018 18:03

Looks good Gary, I like the link between Graham’s and mine :-)

Looks like some complicated challenges overcome.

lancelot link 10th May 2018 18:14

I went round the bodyshell fixing it in place and moved the rear body mounts outwards a bit[/url]

With the body in place , I turned my attention to the front end ...I trimmed back the inner wing section and started to look at mounting the bonnet[/url]

I made up a framework using my standard bracketry and tube method I have used before ...I also made the little hinge brackets and bolted them to the lower edge of the flip front ....Ray now has a opening bonnet..........[/url][/url]

I will cut the grille opening out fully and the headlamp sections in the morning ....

RayHutch 10th May 2018 18:21

Wow, really coming together !

Alex 10th May 2018 20:03

Looking good mate, brings back memories :icon_razz:

lancelot link 16th May 2018 18:26

Managed to get Ray's door frames done and first fitted ...The frames are pinned on at present , I have ordered some 7.9mm aluminium spacers from my engineer mate to mount them properly ..

I used my pattern doorskins that I use to make the frames to ensure the frames are seated properly in the gaps ..

Then I turned my attention to the bootlid ....

molleur 16th May 2018 18:39

looking great! Well done.

lancelot link 16th May 2018 18:47

Ray wanted hidden hinges , like Grahams , so I made up another pair of hinges and also made a pair of pivots that are linked together with a bit of strap iron and two corner braces ...

This was then bonded and bolted onto the inner lip area of the boot aperture will also be bonded to the rear deck area to ensure it is nice and strong. I then took another pair of hinge plates , welded 4 countersunk 8mm bolts into each plate and joined them together with a piece of 30x30mm box...these were bolted to the hinges and will form the brace and mounting points for the bootlid.

I trimmed the bootlid right back to virtually a single skin , but the advantage of starting with a deeper panel means you get a gel coated edge rather than the raw edge of a cut out panel ...The the boot brace was supported underneath by an axle stand in the right position to line it up with the boot skin .I then gunned a load of bonding adhesive onto the brace bar , heaping it on nice and generously ...the boot skin was then bedded down into the adhesive and weighted and propped overnight to allow it to dry in position

lancelot link 16th May 2018 19:26

I have been working on some bespoke bonnet and boot pins , I haven't run them past Ray yet at present , not sure what latch style we are going for ....

lancelot link 17th May 2018 19:42

weight and props removed , inner lip trimmed back ....

Also managed to make a start on the inner arches ...will box the rears tomorrow morning when they are cured ...

Barber 18th May 2018 06:27


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 95033)
weight and props removed , inner lip trimmed back ....

Gary, I think you are just quoting random bits from 50 Shades of Grey.

lancelot link 18th May 2018 18:59

The rear edges have been rounded off and all wooden areas were coated in resin ...

lancelot link 19th May 2018 18:05

4 hours in the workshop this morning got a few jobs done ...I managed to raise the front suspension a bit ...I think it's ok now , but when the rear settles a bit more ..its come down a bit already ..I will be in a stronger position to get the ride height how we'd like it ...

I put some extra fixings through the space frame augmentation and down into the chassis ...these will hopefully double up as mounting points for seat belts too ...

Then I started to fit the aluminium bulkhead ...its been bonded and rivetted every 50mm around its outside edge ...I'll clad the rest a bit further on in the job ..I'm expecting the rear bulkhead on Monday , so would like to get that area finished before I come back to the front ...

Although it doesn't show in the picture very well , both sides of the aluminium panel have swaige lines pressed into them ...

lancelot link 22nd May 2018 19:21

Spent some time yesterday , tying the front footwells into the chassis ...when the bulkhead shifts back , the footwells need to have the back edge removed . This means the rear edge no longer sits on the front outrigger , as it did addition of a 'vertical'Z' shaped piece of folded steel , welded , riveted and bonded into place ties it back together and adds some real strength to this area ...A fibreglass tunnel will cover the edges and centre area ..

Today , I made a steel frame from 20x20 mm box , 25x30mm angle and 25mm flat bar to support the expansion/filler tank. We didn't want to mount it to the bulkhead as the exits weren't working for us ...but spacing it off in a frame that is bolted through the bulkhead shelf area where the heater used to be and back into the upright bulkhead area , is perfect for us ...nice and high to be efficient and really sturdy.

I also marked out most of the dash area and cut the holes for gauges ..

I also managed to get the filler cap fitted ...measurements were taken from front and rear of filler neck on the tank , transferred to the rear deck and then an investigative pilot hole drilled just large enough to get a thin screwdriver through ...this is to check the hole centre is in the right place's easier to deal with an extra pilot hole in the bodyshell , if its wrong , than a 50mm hole saw opening cut in the middle of the rear deck !! I was bang on -exactly in the centre of the tank filler I proceeded to open up the hole to accept the cap fitting ring ...

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