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Yorkshireman 2nd July 2018 11:22

I like the look of the whole interior set up very period

RayHutch 1st August 2018 11:51

For those following this thread, the lack of recent activity is related to waiting for a slot to get it painted. Hopefully not too long now :-))

lancelot link 1st August 2018 20:22

Yes ....ironically , the finishing and fitting up etc on Eric's Long nose example is part of the hold up ....

Alex 1st August 2018 20:38

Looking forward to seeing it when its done Ray, hope its into spray soon

Paul L 4th August 2018 06:15

Ray - What colour are you going for?

If the answer is red, then the question should be what shade/type of red? :icon_wink:

lancelot link 7th August 2018 08:38

Ray is going for red ...I will let him tell you the shade if he chooses to .

We are literally in limbo waiting for our slot at the paint shop , its very frustrating. Can't be helped , but we were going at quite a pace and then stopped suddenly ...I have limited room and its sat in the back of the shop waiting ....

The trimmer has visited and taken the seat frames away to trim and has patterned out a couple of other trim pieces the cars getting that is something .

I have to fit the grille and a couple of little jobs including a strip down for paint , but until we have a confirmed slot I won't remove too much ...

lancelot link 9th September 2018 12:08

Car went to the paint shop a few days ago ...when Dave has made a bit of progress I will update the thread with some pictures ...

Car is going to be primed , left to sit for a few days and get wired during that period by Dave as well , then top coat applied will be with him for a few weeks before it comes back for finishing ...

RayHutch 5th December 2018 08:16

Good Progress now being made by Dave Thickins. I'm trying to work out how to post photos so hopefully this will work !

RayHutch 5th December 2018 08:17

I think it did ! Here's another...

Lucky@LeMans 5th December 2018 11:11

Another well finished example, looks really smart. I like the old period number plate too, I wish I had something similar on my car. I suppose I can get some show plates made but that's not the same.

Is the paint Barchetta Rossa, looks like a darker red, good choice.

RayHutch 5th December 2018 11:33

Still not finished, loom to complete, interior to fit, safety checking and tuning, MOT, etc etc all still to be done.

Yes, the colour is Rosso Barchetta. Hard to photograph as it looks a different shade in virtually every light.

lancelot link 5th December 2018 17:09

Saw the car last week looks great ... loving the bonnet pins

RayHutch 5th December 2018 17:43

Hi Gary, it must be great to see all your hard work coming to fruition. We’re trying to do you proud !

Can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

Car photographer 5th December 2018 18:08


Lucky@LeMans 5th December 2018 18:14


Originally Posted by lancelot link (Post 97947)
Saw the car last week looks great ... loving the bonnet pins

Regards the bonnet pins they look like the real deal. I've seen the repro ones offered on ebay, they are £250 a pair !!! They are chrome plated rather than stainless to boot. I need two pairs for the TR so I'm going to ask my local engineering shop to knock up a few sets in stainless. If I'm happy with their work ( I usually am ), Ill get a big batch made for those builders on here. Oh, I can guarantee they will be a lot more affordable too.

RayHutch 5th December 2018 18:40

That would be great. I was lucky to get a second hand pair - I was desperate to get that authentic look.

Yorkshireman 6th December 2018 06:51

Very nice

Alex 23rd December 2018 12:30

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Put some new Stromburg CD150 carbs and K&N filters today . much much better

RayHutch 23rd December 2018 12:38

No. 7 passed MOT test late last week, not long now !

RayHutch 23rd December 2018 12:39

Carbs look great Graham ��

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