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Paul L 24th December 2018 14:36

Ray - Congratulations on the MOT pass and the car looks great too. :cool:

Cheers, Paul. :)

Alex 24th December 2018 14:49

Great news Ray, looking forward to meeting up in the new year and taking them for a blast

RayHutch 24th January 2019 07:24

Getting close to collection - what tyre pressures would be the correct set up ? I think that the wires are off a Healey 3000 with new rubber and there are varying posts I’ve seen ranging from 23 to 40 (!). I was thinking 30 front 32 rear. Does that sound right ?

Jaguartvr 24th January 2019 18:41

I run everything at 32/34 and check them every couple of years!

RayHutch 11th February 2019 18:22

Hi, can someone remind me how to post photos? I’d like to post a few completion shots.

kon 13th February 2019 13:35

Ray, if you click "Quote" on the first post on this thread, you can see the tags around the images. You'll need to upload the images to somewhere first.

RayHutch 13th February 2019 19:47

Thanks, where’s the favourite place to upload them?

lancelot link 14th February 2019 07:06

I'm currently using When your picture has been uploaded you are given some sharing options in a section that says viewers links with some drop down options ... If you pick the BB fully linked code from that list and copy and paste the link into your posting on here , they should appear ...

RayHutch 17th February 2019 16:13

Sunny day so went out and took some photos - hopefully they will be posted ! A range of seat options, black leather, brown leather and plaid.

http://<a href="[/IMG]

http://<a href="[/IMG]

http://<a href="[/IMG]

http://<a href="[/IMG]

http://<a href="[/IMG]

http://<a href="[/IMG]

http://<a href="[/IMG]

RayHutch 17th February 2019 16:14

Don't know if anyone can see the photos but I can't !

Lucky@LeMans 17th February 2019 16:43

No, nothing this end either !

I usually upload from my camera onto my PC then I can attach from my PC file.

Paul L 17th February 2019 17:16

Hope this works....

Paul L 17th February 2019 17:19

Ray - If you use quote on my post above you will see I have just cut out extra bits of code.

If you compare that with your original post you should be able to see what code you need and what code you don't.

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

The car looks great. :cool:

Were you testing seat covers?

RayHutch 17th February 2019 17:29

Thanks Paul !

I did 3 different bucket inserts as I wasn’t sure which would go best. The black leather is the most practical but I prefer the plaid, even though they’re based on the Mercedes Gullwing seats.

lancelot link 17th February 2019 19:26

plaid does look rather good looks great in the sunshine ...

Alex 17th February 2019 19:56

looks stunning Ray, great to be able to get out and about at last

RayHutch 25th March 2019 15:55

Volunteered at Brooklands today - F120 appeared to be a major attraction and I spent most of the day answering questioned about it.

RayHutch 25th March 2019 15:56

Tried to post a photo with last comment - still failing - why is this so hard?

RayHutch 25th March 2019 16:00

Another go ...

Lucky@LeMans 25th March 2019 17:45

The way I do it is to copy and paste from your camera into a file om your computer. Then when you go to attachments from this site and browse you can upload load it then. I'm no expert either but that works for me !

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