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Paul L 26th March 2019 08:28

No sure what is going on...

But I've just used the quote function to see what was in your post as the photo code was 'invisible'.

I then compared that to the code in the visible photos in one of my posts above.

The difference appears to be ibb vs i.ibb at the start.

So if I add "i." infront of the code you posted I get this.

No idea why it is so small, but at least it is better than nothing.

Cheers, Paul. :)

RayHutch 26th March 2019 08:47

Thanks Paul, I’ll keep trying.

lancelot link 27th March 2019 14:16


RayHutch 28th March 2019 16:24

Thanks Gary,
I'll try again with photos from the next time I take some shots - I feel that Paul's post might have cracked it.

Could not believe the attention it got from young and old at Brooklands - the volunteers were crowding round before I'd even got out the car. There was a photo shoot of 2 Shelby Mustangs (900 BHP !) near where I parked (so I might be in background in Fast Car magazine) and everyone was walking past those to look at the F120. It was hard to actually do any volunteering as most of my day was spend answering questions on the F120.

Still finding excuses to drive it - went out today and en route, exchanged waves with a Ferrari Dino and another modern Fazza :-))

Lucky@LeMans 28th March 2019 18:10

My first outing in the morning to get the TR mot sorted out. I'll be ready for all eventualities I hope ! I can guess the reactions it will get, I'll wear my shades and woolly hat !

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