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raggey 8th September 2009 20:09

stafford kit car show
Stafford show We are going on saturday morning from selby in the robin hood camping over.
is there any one going from around yorkshire that would like to join up for the run down

MADMAN 8th September 2009 21:16

Hi Paul,
I think I will be going down saturday also, what time are you setting off?
I,m going down in my DNA 430 Ferrari replica, from Pontefract, lets hope the sunshines.

raggey 10th September 2009 17:09

too dear
our chairman of the robinhood club has just sent an email to the stafford show to confirm the price of camping 25.
Ill let you know if this is true.
I will not be camping if it is and maybe not going.

MADMAN 10th September 2009 18:30

Hi Raggey,
yep that is steep for camping, I think the guy is called Dan Tanner, maybee it should be Dick Turpin.
last year it was 15 thought that was dear enough,

raggey 14th September 2009 17:08

email from Den Tanner that clears things up so see you all there

Hi Phil,
If you turn up in a tin-top the charge is 25 to camp. For that price you'll also receive two show entry tickets to get into the actual exhibition.

If you turn up in a kit car, you'll be GIVEN two free tickets (one for each day) and you'll be charged just 5 for your camping plot.

For obvious reasons, I'm trying to discourage people attending (as campers) in 'ordinary' cars.

Does that make sense?

Kind regards,


MADMAN 14th September 2009 17:25

Thanks Den, for clarification, and accept my apologies for the Dick Turpin dig,
Its good to see you looking after the kit car drivers, cos without us there is no show. thanks again MADMAN.

raggey 14th September 2009 18:36

sorry I forward that email from the hoody sight just to keep people in the loop.

bigrich 16th September 2009 18:51

Stafford - anyone going...
Hi one and all,

Stafford show this weekend and the weather looks good :)

Who's nice to meet up with a few folk.....

I'm only 30 mins away so no big drive this time....Saturday is my preference.


MADMAN 16th September 2009 20:56

Hey big Rich,
I.ll be there, red DNA 430 Ferrari replica, on DNA owners club stand, if other shows are anything to go by, probably the only one of two owners. so give me a shout.

raggey 16th September 2009 23:22

stafford show
Hi mate
I am meeting a robinhood owner at ferry bridge sevices at 8 ish on saturday morning then meeting a couple more at tibshelf sevices I hope you can join us let me know

MADMAN 17th September 2009 09:09

Hi Paul,
cant promise, but will try to make it, if I can I will be there at bang on
MADMAN (Steve)

Ric H 17th September 2009 23:26

I'm thinking I might head along for Saturday. Make good use of the weather while it lasts!

bigrich 18th September 2009 12:04

Hi Rich,

Be good to see you & the car (finally)....I should be there approx 10am ish.


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