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Neil 16th November 2004 12:20

Should I or shouldn't I?
Hi everyone

I'm seriously considering building a Marlin Sportster and I'd appreciate some honest advice as to wether this is a good choice for my first build. I love the look of the car and I could spend a total of 10-11K for everything including a decent engine/wheels and tyres etc. Is this realistic?

Although I'm pretty competent technically, I haven't worked on a car for years (company cars mean dealer servicing/repairs and breakdowns mean hire cars) so my chief worry about building is could I make a decent job of it.

Critical for me is the quality of the instructions/build manual provided, and the after sale helplines etc. Are these up to scratch for a complete novice like me? Does everything fit together or do I need to modify metalwork/bodywork etc?

I have tons of questions/concerns, but I figure that if I at least make the right choice of car, everything else will come together in time.

I'd really appreciate your advice, I really want to do this and hopefully you'll remember your early concerns and take pity on me.

MartinClan 22nd November 2004 16:16

Marlin Sporster
Hi Neil

I have just started my build. I am using an E30 donor. Everything seems pretty straightforward up until now with just one or two "issues" to sort out. Only time will tell if it goes smoothly thru' to the end.

The E30 is pretty simple mechanically with just the sloght complication of an engine ECU. Some otherv guys are using an E36 donor and things don't seem to quite so easy.

I guess about 10k is right for a build as long as you don't get silly with the extras. You are gonna be spending it over a period of at least a year so that makes it not feel quite so bad.

If you want a chat then send me a personal mail to and I will mail you back my phone number.

Got to go now - I need to order some nuts and bolts....


Ex-Biker 22nd November 2004 19:42

Never thought about this before, but I have a BMW 320i (E30). Head has gone, but otherwise it is sound.

It will turn over, nothing is seized etc.

If anyone wants to make me an offer?

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