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wozzy 29th September 2017 07:43

Wozzy's MRS200 Build Thread.
I just thought that i would get a thread started, as i am having a few days on the car. It's going up to a friends garage, who is doing the build with me, he has a small engineering shop and is very good at fabricating.
I have amassed a good amount of parts and will get some pics up when the work starts.
Also been on the DVLA website and purchased C20OHP, i feel that an older plate will add to the look.

It has just had its MOT and we put a racing clutch in, to help cope with the sideways action.

Nostromo 1st October 2017 21:17

Looking forward to seeing some photos mate!

wozzy 10th October 2017 07:30


Just doing a picture test, as Photobucket have stopped the links. Been told how to get round this problem.
On Photobucket at the end; after the .jpg remove .html and type ~original instead.
The photo comes back

Nostromo 10th October 2017 21:07

All my photos on here are via photobucket. Seem to work ok.

wozzy 11th October 2017 07:34


Originally Posted by Nostromo (Post 91104)
All my photos on here are via photobucket. Seem to work ok.

Hi Nick,
On some of the forums the pictures are being lost as Photobucket are wanting you to pay a subscription to host the pictures.
Lots of threads on restorations are losing the pictures, it's only a matter of time before they get round to you.
Have a look here

wozzy 12th October 2017 16:48

Just been digging some parts out.



Nostromo 12th October 2017 19:47

I want your wheels!!! Compos?

wozzy 12th October 2017 21:01


Originally Posted by Nostromo (Post 91136)
I want your wheels!!! Compos?

Yes, MO 5s

wozzy 16th October 2017 18:40

Just been digging some more parts out



wozzy 19th October 2017 18:05

The strip down has begun





wozzy 20th October 2017 17:53

The front screen had a small chip in it , so i thought i would get it changed before the kit was fitted.

Also fitted the new exhaust,

we have been having a play about with the body kit, can't believe how badly out some of the fit is.The front bumper support bar looked like it was for another car.Also put on the new wheels, will get the spacers on the back later.


This is lurking about in a corner, nice turbo mk1

wozzy 25th October 2017 20:50

Had a mad few days on the car, finally got round to sorting the opening clam out.
my mate made a frame for the clam as the one supplied was not up to much
The intercooler is mounting on the top


Then a frame was made to support the hinge system which was done with rose joints




And i love this view

molleur 26th October 2017 01:24


Nostromo 26th October 2017 20:17

The hinged frame looks great mate! What have you done with the rear crash bar to get around that?

wozzy 26th October 2017 20:43

Hi Nick
We have got rid of the back part of the frame that was supplied and created the angles in the framework so that the clam would clear on the backs of the lights.
The small bar right at the back is to support the clam when closed, this will have a rubber strip fitted to it.
The bars running up the window to the roof at angles support the intercooler and also the hinge assembly for the clam.
The clam is on rose joints that pivot from the intercooler bracket and the angled framework at the rear of the clam does not lift, if you can picture it

wozzy 26th October 2017 20:50

Today's work
Get some proper sturdy brackets for the front lights, you can see the difference

supplied ones against the ones that we fabricated

getting ready to bond the spot pod on


Just need to get the door skins done tomorrow and its ready for paint over the weekend. I must say that it has gone together a lot better than expected when i saw the tolerances on the kit and its quite a good fit now

wozzy 27th October 2017 20:51

Got the door skins on today, what a long job that turned out to be.
Finally got the pod mounted


should be getting some paint on over the weekend.

Paul L 29th October 2017 17:34

wozzy - It looks like you have flown threw this build. :cool:

If I've read it correctly, I has taken you around a month to reach the point when paint is going on. :eek:

Good luck, Paul. :)

wozzy 29th October 2017 19:31

Hi Paul,
it took 10 very long days to get to paint, i wouldn't like to do it again as we are pretty tired now. It's in the hands of the painter now, and i can do little bits of finishing of at my leisure. hoping to have it road ready by next weekend as i am back at work in the morning.

wozzy 30th October 2017 16:44

Called in today and had a look at the paint, just being buffed and polished but looking good. The lights are starting to be fitted so i can drive it home in a couple of days. Not fitting the rear window until the engine bay has been painted.

It's very white, Needs some other colours to help break it up. Just getting the lights in the right places. As there are a lot of them.

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