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marlinturbo 2nd December 2005 07:24

Angel Eye HeadLights
These look great when fitted...But they are a pig to fit and align...

DO NOT throw away the springs and hooked steel wires that come with the kit as loose pieces! You'll need these items to help align the lights...

The first job is to get the lights aligned to their central position. This is far easier said than done as the adjustment assemblies within the lights are nothing short of crap.

For each light I removed the back panel for access and created a groove for the hooked wire to rest in. I also drilled a hole in the back of the light fitting within the headlight itself and attached the spring thru this hole and looped it over the hooked wire. This allowed the adjustment assemblies to "pull" against the spring.

I made the "Which Kit" washer’s c/w the M6 Rivnuts. I used M6 studding and a pair of locknuts to make an adjustment screw that pushes the lights up/down.

You'll need an allen key for the left/right adjustment.

I parked another vehicle in the garage to get the height and horizontal positions of the lights on my wall. I painted a black line across my white rear wall of the garage.

I used this when first installing the lights to level them as the glass fibre resin dried. Only put a 6" section of glass fibre at the top and bottom of the lights. Ensure the lights are covered with masking tape as shown on the Marlin CD and then hold the lights in place whilst applying the resin.

I bonded three pipe clips to the bodywork to use with the bungee cord. The position of these is shown on the Marlin CD.

Once the resin has set, you can adjust the lights.

I think it helps to ensure the ride height is level front to rear.

The final positions of the lights on mine are set back into the bodywork at the inner corners of the headlights.

I'll take pictures tonight, so if anybody wants them send me you're email address via PM and I’ll send them on...



tomboysexi 2nd December 2005 16:20


The world is crazy I am sure.

With the rear lights the inspector was well happy, didn't quiz the brakes at all.

As for angel eyes, I have em too and the only comment was that they were a little high and he told me how to set them to a level that satisfied him. Nothing as dramatic as what you are going through.

Just more food for thought.

One other thing, how about we mark the test centres, or at least create a list of the type of failures at each location. Anyone getting to sva will then at least be wise as to the attention each centre will give each car and perhaps remove some heartache.

Regards Trev

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