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Car photographer 24th April 2014 09:51

Jaguar XJS - how easy to use as kit donor?
Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone know how easy a jaguar xjs was to use as a base rolling chassis to build / design a kit car around?
( in the same was that Mev use the Mazda MX5.)

Can the panels be to moved to leave a rolling chassis or are they all integral to the car itself?
I'm basically thinking of trying to design a car and wanted a very easy build - but lined the proportions of the xjs as a starting point (and the idea of a V12)



landmannnn 22nd May 2014 21:12

No, they rust to bits.

Car photographer 24th May 2014 00:54


davecymru 24th May 2014 07:49

I think the honest answer was posted above.

But... alway being up for a challenge :) I think that the detailed answer is that it is possible. And has already been done.

I've seen one of these part-built and it was based on exactly the same premise that you are considering. i.e. strip off all unnecessary bits and bolt on a new body.
Admittedly, they also chop their donors in half and shorten them first, but even that is not outside the realms of a VERY careful and properly equipped builder :)

But don't rule out the other option where you could custom build a space-frame and then simply reuse the Jag suspension and running gear and if you go that option then you'd do well to read up on how the Ronart was developed:
And also have a look over at Nostalgia cars for inspiration

No matter what you do, if you do take the plunge then please make a build thread so that we can all nosy/discuss/steal-ideas :)

Best of luck!


Car photographer 27th May 2014 00:10

Thanks Dave, yes it was the fact that ronarts look pretty cool that made me think the jags could be used, but also the dimensions with the long bonnet that I thought would make for a great base for something like an XJ13 shape or something - totally out of my league though - I know nothing about building cars - although I'm pretty good at designing them so maybe if anyone has the skills but needs something designing they could get in touch ;)

Jeffr4 28th May 2014 10:06

Also done by Paul Banham in the past :

maybe usefull

Car photographer 28th May 2014 13:26

Cool - but I was thinking more like this! :)

Scottie22 4th July 2014 15:21

There were several XJ13 fibre glass bodies actually made by some bloke down near Exeter some years ago, I know that because the bloke went bust, and I lost my 2500 deposit!

I actually went to the factory and saw the bodies myself.

I think after that some of the bodies ended up around the Birmingham area, and were built up as race cars
If you are serious about the XJ13, it may be worth trying to track down one of the body shells.

Just an idea for you.

redratbike 5th July 2014 10:28


Originally Posted by Car photographer (Post 55862)
Cool - but I was thinking more like this! :)

rear engined ,transaxle...not a lot of use from the xjs maybe just front suspension and the engine

Car photographer 6th July 2014 14:38

Scottie - thanks, shame you had to loose money to find out though - hows your Tribute coming along? - I have a spitfire so was looking at that kit for mine but it looks like it's been a long build,

Redratbike - cheers

Scottie22 6th July 2014 15:55

The build is coming alongwell, but is 8 months a long build?
Some people take years, sure, I'm not finished yet, but most of it is done really. :-)

Spifire is a good donar I think, I've had lots of them over the years
with few problems, and they're easy to fix when they do go wrong.

Paul L 7th July 2014 18:27


Originally Posted by Car photographer (Post 57165)
... I have a spitfire so was looking at that kit for mine but it looks like it's been a long build...

Car Photographer - Just remember Scottie is not building an A352 kit.

He is using the A352 kit as the basis of his XKSS replica. :cool:

If you look at the A352 thread in the Tribute "Useful Info" sticky, you can see Patoune putting a standard kit together in a very short space of time.

Scottie's build is a labour of love and does not represent a standard A352 build.

Good luck, Paul. :)

Scottie22 7th July 2014 19:49

Could not have put it better myself Paul! Well done.

It didn't start like that though, I just wanted it to have a windscreen really, then I just got carried away...........

And because I could not afford the XKSS prices of bits, I made everything myself, that's what takes the time.

As I said, its only been 8 or 9 months so far, and most of it is done.

Car photographer 11th July 2014 08:52

Wow!! I can see why it would take longer then - whereabouts are you based? Are you anywhere near the midlands?

Scottie22 11th July 2014 13:13

If its me you are asking, I am based in Hereford.

Car photographer 12th July 2014 01:33

I sent a PM

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