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Sven 17th June 2015 19:45

Noicy Sportster
Cruising below 30 mph I hear a whistling noise comming from the front. My Sportster has two Brooklands and three mirrors but the noise does not change when I cover them. Any ideas?

8 Valve Ed 17th June 2015 20:00

If all else fails, get a passenger to hold a suitable length piece of rigid pipe with a flexy end which he can hold to his (her?) ear. Drive at the appropriate speed and let him search for the noise.

If you want to go high tech, use a laptop with a microphone (on a stick), headphones and sound recording software. The louder the sound, the closer the mike is to the source.

But try everything else first!

Stuart 18th June 2015 17:05

My Sportster had a whistle I eventually worked out is was the engine viscous fan that was seized and over reving.

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