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casamolino 18th October 2020 19:31

Good evening Mick , apologies if the following is a complete waist of time but do you have an advance retard system on your engine? could it be malfunctioning enough to cause your problem , all the best with the fault finding , Geoff .

Mick O'Malley 19th October 2020 07:58

Another possibility...
Thanks for suggestions and encouragement chaps, most welcome :).

Yesterday, whilst vegetating following a nasty turn standing up too quickly after a session under the Monaco, I thought back to previous problems and decided that the pesky dire frag'ems might be responsible. I've read that the alcohol in E5 unleaded can attack all sorts of old-skool components, and the symptoms could well be explained by tiny holes in the above. I immediately hit eBay and ordered replacements.

Watch this (hopeful) space.

Regards, Mick

peterux 19th October 2020 19:18

Another thing I would try is a new distributor cap and rotor arm.

Keep plugging away and you'll find it :happy:

Mick O'Malley 23rd October 2020 07:26

Dire frag'ems? Nope :(
Fitted the new diaphragms yesterday - no change. Had a good look at the distributor cap and rotor arm (Thanks peterux): contacts clean, no signs of tracking. However, two of the plug leads fell out of the cap under gravity whilst it was inverted. I simply couldn't be fagged to remedy this and test drive again after the earlier disappointment.

The latest tranche of prospective buyers (read 'dreamers') are asking the same tedious old questions. They all want a concours d'elegance winner for home-built money.


Regards, Mick

IanA 6th November 2020 23:00

The suspense to know the limp-mode cure is rivalling that of the USA election result, Mick !!!

Mick O'Malley 7th November 2020 06:48

The only work I've done on her lately was a wash and photo' session last week for yet another prospective buyer (dreamer?). My focus (weather permitting) has been on the Monaco. A few of the coming days are forecast dry so I may get stuck in if Monaco tasks permit...

Regards, Mick

Dpaz 9th November 2020 20:35

Has anyone sugested looking at the bob weights in the dizzy? My Marlin ran realy cr#p untill the springs were replaced on the bob weights. That fixed it!

Mick O'Malley 13th November 2020 07:37

In yesterday's sunshine I had another crack at the mystery fault, concentrating on the distributor (thanks Dpaz). I reset the points, even though the gap was spot on, oiled and greased as necessary, remade all the lead connections and took her out for a test drive. No change. The symptoms are consistent - for the first 30/seconds/100 metres she pulls like a train on all six then goes gutless, as though a switch has been flicked, exactly what happened on my way back from Specials day (10 August - aaaaargh!).

To sum up, it's not the coil, it's not the carbs, it's not the condenser, it's not the points, it's not the leads and it's not the cap.

All and any further suggestions will be gratefully accepted.

Regards, Mick

Jaguartvr 13th November 2020 07:51

Ballast resistor? Loose earth? Fuel pump filter, not allowing enough fuel through?

After the 30 second run, does the car go back to normal running after it has been turned off and then back on?

If you leave the car running on a fast idle, does it loose power after 30 seconds or is it only when being driven?

When it suffers from the lack of power, what difference do you get pulling the plug leads off one at a time?
If you take the plugs out as soon as it has a loss of power, what are they like? Clean, sooty or wet?

Mister Towed 13th November 2020 09:27

Blocked breather on the fuel cap?

IanA 13th November 2020 12:33

I had a TVR once that sprayed water onto the distributor from a leaky radiator seam. I blamed the misfire on some cheap petrol bought previously. The leak wasn't apparent with the engine stopped.
I think that one of the original Crypton analyser units would solve this- they measured all sorts of engine parameters and could even diagnose single cylinder problems.
Without breathing too deeply, when in limp mode, does the exhaust smell of unburnt fuel? For a fuel delivery problem- do you have any transparent pipe, or a clear filter in the fuel line?

Jaguartvr 13th November 2020 13:35

A blocked breather on the fuel cap wouldn't cause a vacuum after just a 30 second run but I think you are right, it is probably fuel related.
I would check the fuel pump, a weak or porous diaphragm could cause a lack of fuel. I would also try and put an airline on the fuel pipe and blow air back into the tank to make sure there isn't a blockage.
You could fit a small temporary fuel tank under the bonnet and run the car just using the throttle linkage to see if it drops power, if it doesn't I would fit a new fuel pump, they are not very expensive.

Mitchelkitman 13th November 2020 17:32

Flexi fuel pipe collapse?

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