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smash 27th November 2019 19:58

Tribute Insurance
Who is everyone trusting for their Tribute insurance these days?

Jaguartvr 28th November 2019 07:28

Are we thinking of a new purchase perchance?

Adrian Flux, £174 for 3k miles. Every year the renewal goes up by £40, give them a ring and say that I am not renewing unless they can match last years premium, every year they match it. In other words, they are trying to fleece you every year, a typical untrustworthy insurance company.

Mick O'Malley 28th November 2019 08:05

I believe it's the broker who tries it on, rather than the insurance company. I pay £123 for 5k miles in the A352, but then I'm a coffin dodger who's been with Flux since '86...

Regards, Mick

Lucky@LeMans 28th November 2019 08:47

I use A Plan in Worcester, they have a specialist team who deal just with classics, kits and one offs etc etc. Price has always been good for me. They did an agreed value ( £60k ) policy for my ali Testarossa for under £300.

smash 28th November 2019 13:14

Thanks guys - hadn't heard of A Plan before - interesting.

I've been with Flux a lot in the past.

Steve - pondering mate, pondering!

ned 28th November 2019 15:21

I used A Plan at Bracknell fella called Henry very helpful and good price for the 250 GTO

DaveP 28th November 2019 16:09

I have been with A Plan Thatcham branch since I bought the Zed donor. They let me insure it as a Zed and then convert to Kobra when built with no extra charge to policy change.

Iíve not had to use them in anger so unsure how good they are in the end.

Can not recall how much policy is for a limited to 3k.

NeilF355 29th November 2019 09:35

I have insurance with A-Plan and Graham Sykes.

A-Plan do seem to be pretty accommodating - I have agreed values on my GTO and F355, they have even given me "Lay up" insurance for my part built Dino at £80.

Lucky@LeMans 29th November 2019 15:08

The "lay up" insurance is a good idea whilst building a kit, especially as most standard car policies won't cover a pile of parts.

smash 29th November 2019 15:28

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Well I went with Footman James in the end.

Which leaves the obvious question, so here's the answer

Jaguartvr 29th November 2019 15:42

Well done, one of my favourites.

DaveP 30th November 2019 18:15


Originally Posted by smash (Post 102844)
Well I went with Footman James in the end.

Which leaves the obvious question, so here's the answer

Nice :)

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