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Jaguartvr 7th May 2017 10:30

Question MX5 Z3 roof rear windows
Having just spied Drummermajor's new roof and got to thinking.
On the DNAOC forum someone has just had a new roof fitted but had the shape and size of the rear window changed slightly to make it look less like a Z3.

Would it be possible I wonder to have a roof made to take the later MX5 glass rear window?
I imagine that the most important part is, is there enough room on the back shelf to take the window when folded, if no would removing all the plastic behind the seats give enough room?
Having always had a convertible since the early 80's, I have always found the week point to be the plastic rear window. Glass is so much more practical, doesn't cloud, tear or rip and gives you a proper working HRW.

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter?

redratbike 7th May 2017 12:34

Found this on a z3 forum

"If you want a glass backlight on a roadster then get a hardtop. The softop folding design will not allow for a glass replacement because the window must fold transversely for the top to retract."

Jaguartvr 7th May 2017 13:24

MX5, E46, CLK, S2000 all have glass rear windows so it can be done and most modern convertibles now have a glass rear windows.

redratbike 7th May 2017 14:03

Don't doubt it ...must admit never seen how a z3 roof folds in relation to the window

FredH 7th May 2017 14:22

I think you have to un-zip the mx5 glass window to allow the hood to fold down so I don't see any reason why a z3 roof can't be made to work in the same way.

Jaguartvr 7th May 2017 17:22

You don't have to unzip the MX5 glass window, you just fold the roof down. There is a gusset at the edges that allow it to fold. I don't see why the gusseted rear window section couldn't be fitted into a Z3 top.
I have just measured my daughters MX5 rear window.
The window 85cmx37cm and the bottom edge of the window sits 12cm up from the rear panel.
The parcel shelf that it sits in when closed is 41cm deep and 36cm deep at the edge of where the glass window sits.
I don't have my Z3 here to compare as it is at the painters. Does anyone have one to hand that they can measure?

IanA 7th May 2017 17:31

It's all down to the shape of the deck behind the seats. The front to back dimension is smaller than the height of the window, hence the fold.
If that height were halved like some modern hoods with very shallow windows (Vauxhall Cascada or Nissan 370Z?)- no problem.

Mister Towed 8th May 2017 08:44

I had an MX5 about a decade ago and the handbook said to unzip the (plastic) rear window and lay it flat before opening the roof. That was to stop it creasing and scratching (from dirt trapped where the window would fold back on itself if you didn't unzip it first). It took only a few seconds to reach back and unzip the window before throwing the roof back at traffic lights, but it was a bit more fiddly trying to zip it back up from the driver's seat without snagging the zip on the fabric.

So, if you put a zip in glass rear window into the roof it seems to me that so long as you've got something soft for the window to drop onto you can just unzip it before lowering the roof, just as FredH says above.

IanA 8th May 2017 09:01


Originally Posted by Mister Towed (Post 87848)
... to stop it creasing and scratching (from dirt trapped where the window would fold back on itself ...

A cotton hand towel placed in the fold will stop this as well.

Jaguartvr 8th May 2017 09:06

The cheaper replacement hoods all have a sewn in rear window which is what I was hoping to avoid. I have removed and refitted the zip in rear windows on the Z3 and E3o convertibles very easily and cheaply.
My roof isn't bad but not brilliant so was going to have a new blue roof fitted but just want to avoid the sewn in window or paying way over twice the price for the privilege of having a zip in rear window.
I think the problem is going to be the back ledge depth on the Z3, but with all the plastic gubbins removed it might give enough room.

redratbike 10th May 2017 22:50

Maybe take the plunge and have an upholsterer modify the z3roof

Some cheapies

redratbike 10th May 2017 22:52

Jaguartvr 11th May 2017 10:18

The parcel shelf on the Z3 is marginally narrower, if the plastic trim that sits behind the seat were removed it may well work.
I think this will go on the pending pile, it all depends on how far I go with the interior changes after the car is finished.

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