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smash 6th September 2017 13:16

Another 250 on's a stunner!

It's a stunner because it'sjust had a 3 stage detail including ceramic coating by Scorpion Detailing*

*I many be a bit biased - it's mine!

What was interesting about the detailing was it revealed very quickly the paint is not lacquered. Just posting out of interest -not to go back over old ground please.

Anyway, the grill surround is now chromed and the detailing has really smoothed out the body - it looks incredible, seriously, I'm in two minds about selling it.

The market seems to have cooled recently so it may not go - and if that's the case I won't be too upset!

Jaguartvr 6th September 2017 14:30

Still think that for a build of this finish that it is way too cheap.

Same value as a Sammio!!

ericholm 6th September 2017 14:42


Originally Posted by Jaguartvr (Post 90444)
Still think that for a build of this finish that it is way too cheap.

Agreed. It should get snapped up. :biggrin1:

Goodluck with the sale Smash!

Lucky@LeMans 6th September 2017 19:22

Looks great Smash. I don't think you could have one built for that price now, someone will get a bargain. You went the extra mile to get it to that standard, I wouldn't be in a hurry to sell just yet. There's a lot of lesser classic cars on the market for similar money.

redratbike 6th September 2017 19:36

That's a bargain compared to

Triumph Special 6th September 2017 22:24

That looks like excellent value for money, good luck with your sale.

The detailing aside, it's the stance that really completes your car. The ride height, track and offset of one of the Coupes offered recently made the car look very awkward. Yours is so much more complete.

trev dunn 6th September 2017 22:38

Agree with all the above comments, having seen your car at Stonleigh it looked fantastic then and with all your detailing it's now even better, the bumpers really do set it off. best of luck with the sale but what will you replace it with?

kevemm 6th September 2017 22:47

Smash thats looks stunning and a 3rd of a DNA?? someone will get one hell of a car for that price, the pictures look fantastic what an earth can you buy for that money??? if you want a classic or a replica??? seems way to cheap to me.

Its relative you really cant by jack for that money.

kevemm 6th September 2017 22:49

And yes Redratbike I would agree it is totally a bargain compared!! if i had the money i would buy it!

Jaguartvr 7th September 2017 06:58

Nubodi's blue convertible was on Ebay earlier this year or the end of last year for the same sort of money and it sold within a few days.
I think yours is at least 10k to cheap, you wait, it will sell very quickly and I'll send you a PM saying "I told you so"!

Great write up and title but without "kit" and the dreaded "Ferarri" in the title it will miss a lot of searches. Even if it just says NOT a kit or Ferrari in the title can mean it gets included in saved searches. You just need someone who is looking for a Cobra replica to spot this at half the price to get him to change his mind about what car he wants.
Convertibles nearly always sell for more than coupes, the only exception that I know of is a gullwing Mercedes.

Good luck with the sale.

smash 7th September 2017 08:54

Thanks for kind words (and concern lol!)

Kev - yours is a different car, track refugee, full interior etc etc. so probably a different customer to be fair so price comparison probably not valid anyway! plus it sounds like a spitfire squadron!! :D

Jag - the F word was in the title but I've swapped evocation for replica and stuck the bit about cobra alternative in - good call!

The Blue Kali went for about 13K IIRC, the red demo 22k with all the mag features.

TBH I think I've missed the boat by about 2 months but I was dithering and getting bits done. Lots of page views so far.

Car and Classic next...

smash 7th September 2017 09:11

Just declined 20k (from Reading?). Removed offers. Reset price 24,995.

Let's see..

Jaguartvr 7th September 2017 09:14

But left 23500 in the description header!

Don't take offers, it's too cheap as it is.
Are you sure the blue one only went for 13k, I'm sure it was up in the twenties and seemed to disappear very quickly. Was a nice build.

smash 7th September 2017 09:28

Doh!!! good job you're looking out for me :)

Lucky@LeMans 7th September 2017 12:42

Smash, you have been one of the few people to really push the quality issue on your build ( and vent your thoughts ! ), both from the Tribute manufacturing side and through the build agent and suppliers. You have upset a few people along the way but you have got there in the end with one of the best built Tribute cars out there. From your earlier post it sounds like you are in two minds whether to sell or not, if you could hold out until the spring you will probably get lots more interest and a better price.

Nubodi Automotive 7th September 2017 12:53


Originally Posted by smash (Post 90461)
Just declined 20k (from Reading?). Removed offers. Reset price 24,995.

Let's see..

Yes that was me! I think that was a good bid. And its cash, not promised, p/ex real world.
Yes everyone will tell you its cheap, if its cheap why do they not buy it? Its only cheap if someone has the cash to buy it.
You must take into account
You have missed the season, unless you keep it till next Easter?
The interior is mainly stock
No badges
My 3.0 demonstrator with partial interior made 23000

Why would I want to buy it? I dont want it to sell on. I really miss my Kali. I thought I would like the Koupe but its official Im a convertible guy. I could build one for half the money but thats not likely with all the work we have on.

Bear me in mind if it does not sell.

smash 7th September 2017 13:18

Fair do's!

Red had interior, I have bumpers lol! And....they could possibly recoop the price a bit further down the line? ;)

Plus it's got no badges :D

How amazing would it look with your dash in :)

Yes, if I get stuck I will keep you in mind

Jaguartvr 7th September 2017 14:16

No badges make it worth more, if you really must put badges on it is an easy and cheap job. Removing them is a pain and can damage the paintwork.
Chris's dash looks great and you can get the Veglia replica instruments from EB instruments for about 850 +VAT.
next on my wish list.

DaveP 8th September 2017 07:25

Fantastic looking 250 Scott. My compliments on what has become a class-leading car.

It is definitely an 'almost' unique alternative to a Cobra for the discerning driver. Good luck with the sale or enjoy it until a better market appears.

That 30mm drop makes all the difference. Did you go Bilsteins as well or stock shocks ? I ask as I am looking at the B12 kit for mine (its a tad expensive but you get what you pay far).

Good luck again


smash 8th September 2017 09:17

Hi Dave - many thanks!

It's just the Eibach springs on stock shocks - ride is very compliant especially combined with the bigger side walls on the tyres but very comfortable cruiser

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