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Ex-Biker 18th February 2009 08:47

Rover 1600 K series Question
Just filling in the SVA form, but can't seem to find anywhere the 'Maximum power engine speed'.

I can find torque figures, max revs, max speed etc, but not power @ revs.

Can anyone help?

Also has anyone got the axle & gross weights for the 1600?

chrislandy 18th February 2009 11:38

It doesn't have to be exact so max torque will probably be around 5-5.5k and max hp at about 6.5-7k I would have thought.

Its only for the emissions and noise testing but tbh when the tester did mine he just told me to take it to x rpm without looking at the power figures

SDMC001 18th February 2009 13:13

These are the figures I used

Mine was 1996 P reg 1.6 should be the same:-

Max road speed = 118mph

Max power engine speed = 6000rpm

Max net power = 82kw

Cubic capacity = 1589cc

A1 450 KG A2 550 KG

When the car was weighed with a full tank it was around 800 KG


alackofspeed 18th February 2009 13:32


Originally Posted by SDMC001 (Post 14373)
When the car was weighed with a full tank it was around 800 KG

My Honda-engined car was nearer 700kg, are you sure of that figure Steve?

Ex-Biker 18th February 2009 14:05

Bang on Steve

Mine's basically the same donor car (96P 416Sli).

Seems a bit heavy though. Does it matter too much if you are a bit out with weights etc?

chrislandy 18th February 2009 14:17

as long as your design axle weights are more than the measured weight you will be ok, but it shouldn't be too far out. If you are out, then if the tester is nice you may be able to change the form to be right

chrislandy 18th February 2009 14:18

should add that my Shelsley was 850kg inc fuel plus 150kg for two passengers

SDMC001 18th February 2009 14:20

OOOOPPS, something I forgot, I was siting in the car when it was weighed, it puts the weight around 700 k as was Johns. The axle weight was provided by Marlin.


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