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couerdelion 3rd March 2019 14:34

Z3 Power Steering delete
Anyone done this?

Thinking of deleting the power steering - I'm just about old enough to have driven some big cars without PAS so dont think it will be problem.

I'm going to have to get rid of the loop anyway so may as well get rid.

More wondering if anyone else has done this?

Simon E 4th March 2019 12:09

Not speaking from experience but I wouldn't do it. I think the standard practice is just replace with a smaller loop and do without the larger cooling loop for the PS fluid.

The thing that has attracted me to the Tribute models is the modern car underneath the beautiful lines so you still have PS, ABS, AC, airbags, pretensioners, body designed to meet minimum crash regs, heating and demisting that works, heated seats etc. The steering geometry in the Z3 would have been designed from the off to use PS and to either just empty the fluid or put in a non PS rack would be a no no.

A few years ago a drive belt broke in one of my Saabs as I was driving taking out the alternator and the PS pump. Jesus wept the steering was so heavy even at speed without PS.

IanA 4th March 2019 14:59

I agree with the above- had a 733i with a slipping belt once.

Shouldn't be a problem if you replace the rack with one that never had power assistance.

Lucky@LeMans 4th March 2019 19:24

If you swop out the PAS rack for a non PAS one you will be fine. You won't be gaining much really, the Z3 power steering is quite well weighted and most people are used to it these days.

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