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GreatOldOne 11th June 2008 22:41

Wire Wheels - Spreken ze Deutch?
Using Google to translate, or should I say mangle this site

It would seem that they sell a wide variety of authentic looking wire wheels with bolt on adaptors. It looks like they do a 4x100 as well, probably for all those wannabe gangsta rap stars out there in the Fatherland pimping out their e30's :)

Anybody speak German? If so, could someone drop them a line and see whether those adapters fit the e30 hubs? fitment

Patrick 12th June 2008 11:27

The site says the wheels come with 4 or 5 stud adapter plates and the tools to fit spinners.

They always have all chrome 13 - 20"er's in stock.

They're shop is down for me at the moment. I'll write up an email and send later on today :)

MartinClan 12th June 2008 13:10

There are places in the UK that still make wire wheels amazingly enough. For example:


GreatOldOne 12th June 2008 13:55

Yeah - I've seen them before. The problem is getting a splined adaptor for the BMW hubs

MWS do some bolt on wires:

but nothing in the e30 4x100 fitment. The German ones didn't seem too bad - About 650 for four wheel, spinners & the bolt on splines if the eBay lisiting I found them on is correct

Patrick 12th June 2008 14:20

I've emailed them about the adapter plates, will let you know when I get something back.

GreatOldOne 12th June 2008 15:05

Thanks Patrick. :)

Patrick 13th June 2008 22:20

Not had anything back yet but run into this today:

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