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Nostromo 16th February 2018 23:00

Paint inside the car body
Hi folks, apologies if this has been answered before (I've searched but not found any answers) but is there a particular paint I should use on the underside of my fiberglass kit? I've read that fiberglass is porous so I assume some sort of weatherproof or rubbery paint?

DaveP 17th February 2018 00:55

Hi there,

A common approach I believe is to paint the underside with flow-coat. A hard gel-coat. It has many of the properties the underside needs.

Iím new to this game too but see a few people on here recommend/ use it.



Jaguartvr 17th February 2018 07:38

Flowcoat is cheap and gives a good finish. It is the same as gel coat but you have to add a small amount of wax, this rises to the surface to form a skin (you can't see it), the skin allows the flowcoat to harden. If you want to add a second coat or paint it, give it a good wipe down with meths first to remove the wax.
You can have it mixed to a RAL colour to match your preferred colour. Makes it very easy to wash mud and road grime off and looks much neater.

NeilF355 17th February 2018 09:51

It was discussed here


Nostromo 17th February 2018 11:48

Great, thanks all. Flow coat it will be then.

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