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Car photographer 4th October 2015 17:16

Car seats - where from?
Hi everyone,
just wondering if anyone has any idea where to get classic looking bucket seats from - I was going to use my old spitfire seats but they are much too wide at the back - I've found some ones I like from Holdens - see link -
but they seem very expensive -
does anyone know where I can get similar seats but cheaper?


Alpha 5th October 2015 09:43

Try Cobra:

Car photographer 5th October 2015 10:16

Yeah, the cobra ones look good but they are a bit too wide at the back - that's why the holden ones were better because they have a narrower back. (just way too expensive) :(

Mister Towed 5th October 2015 13:00

I used a pair of these and had them professionally trimmed in black leather -

I just gave the trimmer a picture of some old Porsche 356 coupe seats that I liked and they made the covers to match them -

They're very comfortable, give a laid back driving position and worked out a damned sight cheaper than those from Holden (which also look a bit too upright and thick in the squab to work in a Sammio imho).

swifty 5th October 2015 18:52

C T Have sent you a pm.

Car photographer 5th October 2015 20:40

Thanks guys, but having bought a set today and putting them in place it looks like I'll have to make a back panel and two separate bottom sections for it to work with my cockpit as I don't think any seats are going to work well without modification :(
Thanks anyway

wharfedale 23rd October 2015 07:54

how did you get them to fit my bench seat is as for back as it will go and the leg room is just right. is my car different!

Paul L 23rd October 2015 16:10


Originally Posted by wharfedale (Post 72088)
... is my car different! ...

In a word, yes.

As you have a "one off" Spyder body shell modified to fit a GT6/Spritfire chassis.

There is more room in the traditional Spyder cockpit when it sits on a Herald chassis.

The Cordite kit was designed to fit the Spitfire chassis right from the start. ( :tape: )

However, even the Cordite cockpit is tight and if I was 6' then I would need a bench seat like yours too.

Thankfully, I am only 5' 7" and a bit, so I can use "normal" seats, but they are still pushed back as far as they can go.

Hope that helps, Paul. :)

Paul L 12th December 2015 07:45

Mr Spamalot has been reported. :rolleyes:

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