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nickfranks 8th April 2010 12:40

Deon Dino 246 GTS for sale
I am emmigrating later this year so its time to part with my Dino.

Thought about putting it on ebay but from what I read, there are a few timewasters on there, so I thought I'd try here first.

Its a yellow 246 GTS based, as most of them are, on a Lancia donor car. It has a 3.0 alfa GTV engine with a mappable OMEX ecu. currently its at about 200BHP, but is capable of remapping to about 260 - 280BHP.

As of today, it needs a few finishing touches so its available as is or will be completed in a month or so.

give me a call on 0787 905 6204 or email me a for more details.


mac 8th April 2010 17:22

Deon for sale
Hi Nick,

Have you thought about using pistonheads classifieds. I think you get a more serious audience there.

Regards, Mac.

nickfranks 13th April 2010 16:12

Thanks Mac, I will check that site out.


MADMAN 6th May 2010 21:02

Hi Nick,
how much?

MADMAN 9th May 2010 19:09

Hi Nick,
I,m interested, but havent sold my car, (sale has just fallen through)
when do you emmigrate?

nickfranks 10th May 2010 17:18

Hi Madman,

Not sure on emmigration timescale as it depends on when we can sell our house. I cant see it happening before August at this rate.

What do you have for sale? I might be interested in a PX if its something cheaper than mine - reason being I'd like to give my dad a car to play with but I cant afford to let him have the dino with so much cash tied up in it.


MADMAN 11th May 2010 20:00

Dino replica
Hi Nick,
I have my DNA 430 replica I need to sell before I can buy another. Got a guy interested, just waiting while he raises rest of cash. 29,500
see it at page 430 build
Steve. (MADMAN)

nickfranks 13th May 2010 11:18

Thats a very nice looking car indeed.

if you're still interested in mine once youve sold the DNA, please get in touch.



tricky360 26th May 2010 18:47

i was bidding on mac's car on ebay this week, thought i would be clever a put in a cheeky bid and someone out bidded me! that should teach me !
still interested in a dino replica so can you post any photos etc

thecontractman 19th August 2010 01:38

im looking to buy a dino replica for instant hard cash

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