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cbjroms 1st September 2014 16:53

Sammio Exhaust Configuration
I seem to have been messing around with the exhaust system on my 13/50 for weeks.

My initial plan was to modify the donor exhaust system as the back box is in excellent condition. So I shortened the donor system to allow for the shortening of the outriggers only to find that my back box is longer than the distance between the rear damper mounts and the rear of the Sammio bodywork. Thought I could get round this by rotating the back box to that the tail pipe emerges on the nearside instead of the offside. But the angle of the tailpipe now looks wrong.

I have looked around the forum and cannot see any photos which show a simple installation for a 13/50 that will fit up into the space (hence giving sensible ground clearance) between the rear damper mounts and the rear Sammio bodywork. Feel a bit lazy leaning on others for a solution but I don't want to waste money trying different bends and silencers.

Grateful for some pointers please.



Mister Towed 1st September 2014 17:12

I stuck a cherry bomb out the side to get some ground clearance (and because I thought it would look cool) -

Took a bit of imagination, lots of clamps and some 90 degree bends to get it to fit, but it's been like that for a year now with no problems. Sounds great too.

oxford1360 1st September 2014 17:45


Originally Posted by cbjroms (Post 59143)
Feel a bit lazy leaning on others for a solution but I don't want to waste money trying different bends and silencers.

You are not being lazy - this is what the forum is for.

I wish I could help but I am using a slightly 4-2-1 system from a Spitfire and I plan to start off with no boxes. No doubt I will need to add a Cherry Bomb or similar somewhere once I have broken a few windows and startled livestock in the neighbouring counties.

I'm not sure that many builders have stuck with a standard exhaust for the reasons of space........and a desire for a bit more noise.

micky1mo 1st September 2014 18:38

Don't know if it helps but here's the simple system I put on my Navigator

davecymru 2nd September 2014 12:30

I (like a few others) kept the front and middle sections of the OEM exhaust, but then ran a bar between the rear outriggers and hung our back boxes from that. Connected to the original parts with flexible S/Steel exhaust tube.

Worked a treat and nice and simple :)

Paul L 2nd September 2014 15:46

Chris - Sorry I can't help with the Herald system.

But there is also no room for my Spitfire back box to go back any further.

So my tail pipes are currently sticking out like this...

Dave - I take it you had no MOT issues with with the tail pipes extending beyond the body work?

Cheers, Paul. :)

davecymru 2nd September 2014 16:14

Nope, i had no issues. and i did have a very picky inspector.

TBH tho i'm not sure they stuck out too much?

Mister Towed 2nd September 2014 16:54

Shouldn't be a problem with exhaust protrusion, after all, motorcycles don't have them covered at all.

You could always add a shield over them if you wanted. Check out this 250SWB, it's got a shroud over the pipes on one side (to stop fuel spilled from the filler above getting onto the hot exhaust) -

When it comes down to it, just pick an exhaust style you like and make it happen. That's the joy of building your own car!

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