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peterux 12th October 2019 21:28

BMWz3 / '250' recreation at auction

Interesting to see if this meets its estimate....:whistle:

Lucky@LeMans 12th October 2019 21:39

It looks like a very well built example but there are two things that go against it. Firstly it was an insurance write off according to the details and its a 2.0 litre engine. It doesn't help that they have mentioned the change in mileage. Whilst the auction house might have an obligation to declare these facts it won't help the sale along ! I would suggest the estimate is a little high. I think the Grassbank car has now sold, that was being offered at around 55k the last time I looked but that car was in a different league.

redratbike 14th October 2019 19:48

Is it me or does the speedo sit at an odd angle

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